Let It Go, Josh Gad! The Actor Had A Funny Frozen Moment During His Kid’s Recent Doc Appointment

Olaf in Frozen
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It’s been nine years since Disney’s Frozen touched our hearts when it played in theaters, and we just can’t let it go! This Best Animated Feature winner still has people singing the songs, and Frozen costumes are still big Halloween items. One of the most memorable characters from the movie has to be Olaf, the sweet and cuddly snowman who you just want to give a big hug. Well, Josh Gad, the actor who plays Olaf, cannot escape his iconic role, even at his kid’s doctor’s appointment, as he shared a funny moment he experienced when he was there.

You cannot help but love Olaf. His bright smile and loyalty to his friends can make any kid want an adorable snowman in their life. Josh Gad may have had roles in comedies before like The Rocker, The Internship, and Love & Other Drugs, but playing Olaf helped Gad rise to popularity with one of the most recognizable and gentle voices you’ve heard. It looks like his kid’s doctor’s office was happy to have Josh Gad make an appearance, as you'll see from the below tweet:

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On Twitter, Josh Gad shared a photo of the Frozen film poster taped on the wall of the doctor’s office with the caption “When you take your kid to the doctor and they unironically put you in this room.” Coincidence? I think not!

The popularity of a movie can help increase the popularity of its stars. After all, Frozen was considered the highest-grossing animated film until it was dethroned by The Lion King remake. After millions of kids and adults watched Frozen, that made Josh Gad a star more prominent than he could have dreamed. However, getting the star treatment can have its downsides, like the time he took his kids to Disneyland and taught them about waiting in lines for rides instead of being spoiled by cutting. 

Josh Gad has also expressed his worries about his status can affect the safety of his children. That, unfortunately, is always the cost of fame when you cannot walk around a big theme park without worrying about what onlookers will do when they recognize you. That’s why Gad is teaching his kids about not being spoiled by giving them the same treatment that other kids would have at Disneyland- waiting very impatiently in line for their seat at the next main attraction.

Even though Frozen II came out three years ago, we still have not seen the last of sweet Olaf with Josh Gad’s voice to bring him to life. In Disney+’s Olaf Presents, The Book of Mormon actor reprised his role in a series of shorts of Olaf retelling classic Disney films. Gad felt like the experience of retelling classic moments from memorable Disney films was very emotional for him. Frozen is also getting its own land at Disney Parks in Tokyo, Paris and Hong Kong, so now people all over the world will know about our favorite snowman with a newfound appreciation of warm hugs. 

So the question is, will we get a third Frozen movie? Josh Gad honestly believes there's no need for a third movie, but that doesn't mean his co-stars share the same sentiment. For example, Jonathan Groff, who portrayed the voice of iceman Kristoff, believes in the possibility of a third movie. Whether or not there is a third movie, we’ll be sure to continue seeing Olaf charm and warm the hearts of audiences everywhere.

If you're like the fans (and clearly Josh Gad’s kid’s doctor) who cannot let go of Frozen just yet, you can watch the films and Disney+’s Olaf Presents on your Disney+ subscription.

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