Megan Fox Reveals How She’s Supported Machine Gun Kelly Since His Suicide Attempt

Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly in the "Bloody Valentine" music video
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For a couple who’s not yet married, engaged duo Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly are already acting on the vows most married couples keep. These have been together through thick and thin. Despite the mental health struggles that MGK has gone through, the Transformers star has continued to offer support to her fiancée ever since his suicide attempt.

When the 36-year-old actress was shooting a movie in Bulgaria, Machine Gun Kelly’s depression was heightened as he was mourning his father and had a paranoid episode that someone was out to kill him. This caused him to try to shoot himself while on the phone with Fox only for the shell to get jammed. Luckily for MGK, Megan Fox does not plan on leaving her fiancée’s side as she revealed to Entertainment Tonight about her support efforts.

We’ve done every form of therapy that exists. We’ve found a therapist that really works for us, couples and individually, and it’s definitely a process, it’s not an easy one. Some of it's really difficult, but our therapist said that a relationship is basically the process of breaking each other down, but most people don’t have the tools to build each other back up, to rebuild. And so, it’s a constant process of, like, suffering and passion and love and the repeat cycles. So, we're just learning that, and navigating that, doing that together. There’s lots of all of those things all of the time.

And it certainly seems like Machine Gun Kelly is grateful for the support. When the Jennifer’s Body actress has helped him before with his drug abuse issues, he’s said that Fox helped him get out of his own head and gain a new perspective. Sadly, a lot of rock stars fall under the influence of addiction and mental health issues. While these heavy experiences can make for great songs, living through these experiences is no picnic. The “Bloody Valentine” singer can use all of the help he can right now as he recently smashed a champagne glass in his face in the middle of an after-party show. There is always hope for treatment with a high success rate when you have the right kind of support.

These “twin flames” have never had a problem showing their love for each other. Whether it means donning the same pink hair or drinking each other’s blood, there’s no denying the love they have for each other. They are currently planning their wedding in the most non-traditional way possible with Fox hoping to wear a colored dress with a “red river” in the background of a goth location. 

According to ET, there were rumors that the two of them already got married as he called the Good Mourning actress his “wife” at the Billboard Music Awards in May. Rest assured, these two are not married yet as the “Emo Girl” singer called her that as a sign of respect. With MGK still on tour this year, the budding pair will tie the knot when the time is right.

With the dedication and love that Megan Fox has for Machine Gun Kelly, she is clearly not going anywhere. You can see how the relationship is between the two of them in MGK’s music documentary Life in Pink on your Hulu subscription.

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