Where Olivia Wilde Reportedly Stands With Ex Jason Sudeikis Following Custody Drama And Breakup With Harry Styles

The past year was seemingly filled with a number of bumps in the road for former partners Olivia Wilde and Jason Sudeikis, who broke up in 2020. For much of 2022, Wilde made headlines due to her relationship with Harry Styles as well as for the drama surrounding their movie, Don’t Worry Darling. Attention also shifted to Sudeikis last spring when he awkwardly served Wilde custody papers while she was presenting at CinemaCon. Despite the messiness of the past few months, Sudeikis and Wilde were spotted hugging it out this past weekend. On the heels of those photos hitting the web, we now have details on where things allegedly stand between the two after the legal dispute and Wilde’s breakup with Styles. 

Months ago, a source claimed that as Olivia Wilde and Jason Sudeikis co-parented their kids, they didn’t even talk to each other. Per a more recent report though, their situation is apparently turning around for the better. An insider claims that the two have found some common ground in the aftermath of the custody issues. And if the person is to be believed, the dissolution of the actress’ relationship with Harry Styles played into this as well:

Olivia has been focusing all her energy on her kids and family since her split with Harry, and now that they're broken up, it's been easier for Jason and Olivia to get along. Jason has been trying to be supportive of Olivia and a good co-parent during this transition. Things between Jason and Olivia are cordial and going well.

Though we still have to take this information with a grain of salt, it does make sense, especially when you consider the photos that dropped a few days ago. Some would probably attest to the fact that co-parenting can be difficult under any circumstances. But when you’re an A-list celebrity – and one who has dealt with custody issues at that – it can arguably be even more challenging. 

Olivia Wilde didn’t hold back her feelings when she recalled getting served papers while she was on stage at CinemaCon. When talking about it, the filmmaker referred to the situation as “really upsetting” while also questioning how the person was able to get past security in order to hand her the documents. Jason Sudeikis also weighed in on the matter in an attempt to provide clarity. He said he wasn’t aware that the papers would be delivered at that specific time and place and explained that Harry Styles was a factor in how he proceeded. Sudeikis stated that he didn’t want to risk the messenger arriving at Style’s home, where his and Wilde’s two kids – Otis and Daisy – might have been present. 

Their dealings with their kids aside, the former couple have also been at the center of speculation regarding their reasons for their breakup. Their former nanny claimed that Olivia Wilde left Jason Sudeikis for Harry Styles, though she’s vehemently shot down that assumption. Rumors also allege that Wilde and Sudeikis’ problems pre-dated Styles

Regardless of what truly caused that first separation, the Booksmart director and the One Direction alum chose to take a break from their nearly two-year relationship back in November. She’s reportedly been channeling her energy into co-parenting with the Ted Lasso star since then. At the same time, she’s also purportedly “adjusting” to not being with the pop star, which is likely why she’s allegedly not eager to start dating right away.

With the drama and extra noise seemingly beginning to subside, there’s a fair chance that Olivia Wilde and Jason Sudeikis’ situation could improve even more as time goes on. Anything could happen, of course, but it seems that they’re in a prime position in which they can wipe the slate clean – for their kids’ benefits and their own.

Erik Swann
Senior Content Producer

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