Amazon Prime - The Girl With All The Gifts

Although The Girl With All The Gifts flew relatively under the radar when it premiered in 2016, it seems to have found new life and notice on Amazon Prime. An inventive spin on the zombie genre, the film takes place in a desolate and burned out version of England (hat tip 28 Days Later...) as we follow a group of soldiers caring for a young girl who is not quite a zombie, but also isn't quite a full human.

Netflix - The Babadook

Newfound status as an LGBT icon notwithstanding, Mister Babadook remains one of the best horror monsters of the last few years, and The Babadook lives up to that reputation. In this intimate Australian horror film (that also doubles as a thematically rich drama about the stages of grief), we are introduced to a mother trying desperately to parent her son after the death of her husband -- all while the titular demonic entity closes in on their lives. It is as psychological as it is supernatural, and it is pretty much always terrifying.

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