Shut! Up! The Princess Diaries Just Celebrated Its 20th Anniversary, And Fans Are Asking Anne Hathaway Where The Next Sequel Is At

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20 years ago, Amelia Mignonette Thermopolis Renaldi was crowned princess of Genovia in The Princess Diaries, and the Anne Hathaway character has since become the reigning heir of a generation. Today is the monumental anniversary of the Disney film, and between celebrations of family comedy, fans of the movie are reminded that Princess Diaries 3 was once on the table.

The Princess Diaries was Anne Hathaway’s first movie ever and breakout role, which she took time to remember today on her Instagram with some behind-the-scenes photos of the production. But in the comments section, the conversation was filled overwhelmingly with questions to the actress about when fans might see Mia Thermopolis again.

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Fans flooded the post with comments such as "Princess Diaries 3 when???," "I'M WAITING FOR PRINCESS DIARIES 3 ANNIE" and "I want a sequel so badly." Disney's latest live-action princess, Rachel Zegler, who's set to play Snow White in an upcoming movie, also called the original "the most formative experience of my childhood."

The Princess Diaries' birthday is also the birthday of Anne Hathaway’s incredible career too, so she most definitely should be sounding the horns about the release date in history that changed her life at 18. The Disney movie also starring Julie Andrews was a massive hit when it came out over the summer season and inspired an also-successful sequel in 2004.

Back in 2016, the films’ director Garry Marshall shared that he was working on another Princess Diaries film before he passed away that same year. Since then, Anne Hathaway brought hope to fans in 2019 that a script had been written and shared her and Julie Andrews’ interest in playing Genovians again if they can make a “perfect” sequel.

Chris Pine, who played Mia’s prince Nicholas Devereaux, also seemed game, along with the actress behind her best friend Heather Matarazzo’s Lilly Moscovitz. That’s a lot of green lights for a movie we’ve heard little about since 2020. But interest surrounding the anniversary post certainly shows that there’s an audience for Anne Hathaway to dust off her crown.

Another made-in-2001 icon, Reese Witherspoon’s Elle Woods, is already getting ready to get back into that hot pink for Legally Blonde 3, set for release in 2022. Disney’s other live-action princess, Amy Adams’ Giselle, is returning to the screen as well for Disenchanted with Patrick Dempsey and Idina Menzel. So it’s not out of Hollywood’s realm to bring back a franchise like Princess Diaries, and it'd be great to see Mia and Queen Clarisse return for one more touching film.

Anne Hathaway quoted the movie’s most popular song “Miracles Happen,” but can we also get that energy in terms of another Princess Diaries movie? It’d be interesting to see how Mia is doing 20 years after taking the throne and finding love with Chris Pine’s character. How is Genovia like now, and hey, if there is a script already written, why not let someone make it?

It’s been a big anniversary year for Anne Hathaway considering the actress also recently celebrated the 15th anniversary of The Devil Wears Prada. Coming up, she’s be part of the Sesame Street movie and a comedy called She Came To Me. Do you want to see Princess Diaries 3? Vote in our poll below.

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