How Kristen Bell Feels About Anna Faris And Chris Pratt Breaking Up

Kristen Bell in The Good Place

The separation of Anna Faris and Chris Pratt has many people talking (and feeling the blues). Now the power couple's Hollywood pal, Kristen Bell, is weighing in on the matter. Apparently, in Bell's opinion, the public has unreasonable expectations when it comes to love. In an interview, Bell dished on her friends' split, and she made it clear that Faris and Pratt deserve praise for working hard on their marriage, not speculation about what exactly "went wrong." She explained,

I think there's a little bit of lack of acknowledgment about really loving something that was. If there are two people that decide not to be together, it shouldn't really be a heartbreak for everyone. You should say, 'Oh, they tried. But that doesn't discount the lovely years they had together.' If I ever get divorced, I'm still going to be like, 'Wow, I loved being married to that man.'

Kristen Bell shared her opinion with E! News, and her answer was perfect. She emphasized the importance of remembering positive aspects of relationships when people split up. It is a lesson more people in Hollywood seem to be talking about these days. For example, when Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom broke up, they talked about remaining friendly, and Perry tweeted about not villainizing someone when a couple splits.

Also, Kristen Bell mentioned the complicated nature of relationships, especially in Hollywood. She explained that fame is not necessarily the cause of a separation, but tough schedules that keep people apart for months at a time could be a driving factor.

Kristen Bell and her actor husband, Dax Shepard, have been married since 2013, and they have two young children together. They appear to be as in love as it gets, yet Bell said that if she and Shepard ever split up, she would feel lucky to have spent time with him. Bell said sometimes people must make different choices in life, and that should be all right. As for her and Shepard, Bell stated that they actively work on their relationship by getting couple's therapy and strive never to let "disagreements" blow up into "arguments."

Finally, Kristen Bell said breakups are always more nuanced than people like to think, and perhaps she is right. It is easy to slap a label on painful moments like breakups so that we can fit the emotions into a box and tuck it away. As beautiful as Kristen Bell's sentiment was, it still stings to hear about the Anna Faris and Chris Pratt split. But Bell is right that there is much more to the story than we'll ever know (or even deserve to know), so all we can do is wish both of them well on their journeys.