Danny DeVito: What To Watch If You Like The It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia Star

Danny DeVito as Frank Reynolds in It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia.
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Growing up, I always knew Danny DeVito from FXX’s It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, but as I've gotten older, I've come to realize that DeVito has been in so many iconic movies and TV shows that it's no wonder he's such a star. From voicing roles in movies like Hercules to starring in sitcoms like Taxi, Danny DeVito is a household name for a reason.

If you’ve been trying to figure out where exactly to watch movies or television shows that feature this popular comedic actor, here are some of Danny DeVito’s movies and TV shows that you can watch streaming right now. 

Danny DeVito in Terms of Endearment.

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Terms Of Endearment (Starz)

In this Academy Award-winning film, Terms of Endearment follows Emma, who has trouble managing her children and household, and she constantly relies on her mother for emotional support. Meanwhile, her mother, Aurora, begins a romance with her next-door neighbour, Garrett. 

Terms of Endearment is one of those films that you’ll most likely watch and end up crying, just because it’s so emotional and full of amazing acting that you’ll forget you're watching a movie. Danny DeVito does amazing as his character, Vernon Dalhart, and honestly, it’s a nice change from his normally comedic roles. I certainly love this film for many reasons, but Danny DeVito’s great performance is one of them. 

Stream Terms of Endearment on Starz. 
Rent Terms of Endearment on Amazon. 

Danny DeVito in Romancing the Stone.

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Romancing The Stone (HBO Max)

Next up, we have the adventure/action film, Romancing the Stone. Starring Danny DeVito, Michael Douglas, and Kathleen Turner, this story follows a romance novelist, who heads to Columbia to ransom her kidnapped sister, but ends up finding herself in the middle of a dangerous adventure with people hunting for treasure. 

To me, I sort of look at Romancing the Stone as a funnier Indiana Jones series. It still has plenty of the action you would expect from a film like this, but the comedy is top tier and will have you smiling and laughing all the way through. Danny DeVito as Ralph, the main villain of this film, is perfectly cast, and his interactions with Michael Douglas’ character, Jack, are to die for. It’s so funny, and in the best ways. 

Stream Romancing the Stone on HBO Max. 
Rent Romancing the Stone on Amazon. 

Danny DeVito's character in Hercules.

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Hercules (Disney+)

In this classic Disney animated film, Hercules follows the Greek tale of the hero, Hercules, raised by mortal parents, considered an outcast by his peers, as he goes off on his own adventure to discover who he is; a powerful Greek god. 

I will say this here - Hercules is such an underrated Disney film. It deserves so much more praise than it got back then. Danny DeVito as  Philoctetes is freaking awesome, and the song he sings is a bop. In fact, all of the music in Hercules is fantastic and so catchy. I love all the Disney renaissance films as much as the next person, but there’s just something about Hercules that stands out to me. If you haven’t watched this awesome rags to riches story, check it out soon. I can’t wait for the live-action version. 

Stream Hercules on Disney+. 
Rent Hercules on Amazon. 

Danny DeVito in Taxi.

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Taxi (Hulu)

Before his It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia days, Danny DeVito was popular on another sitcom, Taxi. This popular series focuses on the everyday lives of a handful New York City taxi drivers and their abusive dispatcher, who often sends them out on their runs. 

I don’t know why, but seeing Danny DeVito as the dispatcher in Taxi makes so much sense, and honestly, he rocked that role. He even won an Emmy award for his portrayal in it. As someone who has grown up in the age of Ubers, it’s always interesting to look back on how much cities depended on taxi’s back then, and Taxi is the perfect comical way to do so. The sitcom aired from 1978 to 1983 and won the Emmy Award for Outstanding Comedy Series three times during its run. 

Stream Taxi on Hulu. 

Danny DeVito in One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest.

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One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest (Amazon Rental)

Before Taxi, Danny DeVito made his feature film debut in a classic movie, One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest. Starring the talented Jack Nicholson, this psychological comedy-drama tells the story of Randle McMurphy, is on a work farm for the statutory rape of a 15-year-old girl, and gets transferred to a mental institution to avoid hard labor. 

One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest is iconic for many reasons. As one of only three films in history to win all of the Big Five Academy Awards, it’s considered one of the best films of all time. The performances are great, the story even better, and the themes relevant to this day. Danny DeVito’s role as Martini was smaller at the time, but launched his career, giving him more opportunities than ever. One of the characters in the film, Mildred Ratched, is so iconic that she even has her own show on Netflix now. Watch this film if you haven’t. You won’t regret it. 

Rent One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest on Amazon. 

Danny DeVito in Throw Mamma From the Train.

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Throw Mamma From The Train (Tubi)

Directed by Danny DeVito himself, Throw Momma from the Train tells the story of an author who is teaching a writing workshop. One of his students offers to kill the author's cruel ex-wife, if the author can also kill the student’s mother. But soon, things begin to take a turn, creating more problems for everyone. 

Let me just say that comedian Billy Crystal and Danny DeVito in the same film is something that should happen more. The two have such amazing chemistry together, plus great comedic timing. The plot is also so ridiculous, with the typical shenanigans from these two comedians that you would expect, creating a hilarious ride that anyone who likes comedy movies would enjoy. 

Stream Throw Mamma From The Train on Tubi. 
Rent Throw Mamma From The Train on Apple TV.

Danny DeVito as the Penguin in Batman Returns.

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Batman Returns (HBO Max)

This classic superhero film, Batman Returns, follows Michael Keaton’s Batman, who now faces off against the Penguin, who is plotting to kill all of Gotham City’s firstborn sons. Batman concurrently deals with Max Shreck, a tycoon who allies with the Penguin to bring Gotham under his control, and Catwoman. 

Danny DeVito as the penguin fits so perfectly that I wish he was coming back in the upcoming The Batman alongside Michael Keaton. From my years of watching superhero movies, I've always believed that the Michael Keaton Batman movies have the best adaptations of the iconic Batman characters. They create that perfect amount of campy action, mixed in with great acting and a genuinely fun superhero tale. A part of that is thanks to Danny DeVito's interpretation of the classic villain, The Penguin. Plus, Michelle Pfeiffer as Catwoman is always a win. 

Stream Batman Returns on HBO Max. 
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Danny DeVito in Matilda.

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Matilda (Amazon Rental)

In this comedy/fantasy film, Matilda tells the story of the titular character, named Matilda, who develops psychokinetic abilities and uses them against her disreputable family, as well as Agatha Trunchbull, the tyrannical, horrible principal of her elementary school. 

Matilda is a delight, plain and simple. It’s one of those films that will make you feel good, no matter what. Danny DeVito not only directed but starred as Harry Wormwood, Matilda’s abusive father - while also simultaneously narrating the film. I mean, you can’t look me in the eye and say that the chocolate cake that is featured in Matilda doesn’t look delicious. It’s a great film about perseverance, friendship, and of course, magic. 

Rent Matilda on Amazon.

Danny DeVito and Matthew Broderick in Deck the Halls.

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Deck The Halls (HBO Max)

Next up, we have a Christmas film, called Deck the Halls. Starring Danny DeVito and Matthew Broderick, we follow the story of two neighbors, who go to war with each other when one of them decides to put up so many Christmas lights, they could be visible from space, turning the neighborhood upside down. 

Okay, if I’m being honest, this film is definitely a guilty pleasure of mine. While it’s not Danny DeVito’s best film, I still find him hilarious in his role as Buddy Hall, and even Matthew Broderick as Steve Finch. While I do think there are certain story points that could have been done better, it’s still an enjoyable Christmas movie with the kind of hijinks you would expect from a premise so silly.

Stream Deck the Halls on HBO Max. 
Rent Deck the Halls on Amazon. 

Danny DeVito in Jumanji: The Next Level.

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Jumanji: The Next Level (Starz)

In this fourth installment of the Jumanji franchise, Jumanji: The Next Level takes place two years after Welcome to the Jungle, where the teenagers from before, alongside two other additions and an old friend, become trapped in Jumanji again, having to escape a new villain in order to survive. 

I loved Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle when it first came out, and thought Dwayne Johnson, alongside the rest of the cast, were so funny and really brought a new version of a classic film to life. The sequel fulfilled my expectations and more. Danny DeVitos’ character is great as the grandfather of Spencer, and while he isn’t as featured in the film as some of the other’s, his scenes stand out and make for amazing laughs. 

Stream Jumanji: The Next Level on Starz. 
Rent Jumanji: The Next Level on Amazon.

Danny DeVito in It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia.

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It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia (Hulu)

As I mentioned at the start of the article, this is what I originally knew Danny DeVito for most. It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia follows a gang of individuals who aren’t necessarily the best people, a sibling duo and their “father,” alongside their two friends. Day by day, we follow their adventures in the wonderful city of Philadelphia, and the troubles they get into. 

It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia has certainly made history, and has become an iconic sitcom in television. Danny DeVito, who joined the show in the second season as Frank Reynolds, was a welcome addition, creating moments of hilarity, ridiculousness, and so much more. It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia Season 15 is right around the corner, so be sure to keep an eye out for Danny DeVito to appear on our TV screens soon again. 

Stream It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia on Hulu. 

With so many amazing films to pick from, Danny DeVito is truly a man of many talents. Now, if Season 15 of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia could just come quicker, I’d be happy. Until then, I suppose I’ll just re-watch Hercules again.

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