DC League Of Super-Pets Streaming: How To Watch The Animated Dwayne Johnson Movie Streaming

Krypto and Superman in DC League of Super-Pets
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This summer, audiences were able to see a new type of DC Comics movie, one that was a little brighter than other movies released by the comic publisher and Warner Bros. Pictures. That movie, DC League of Super-Pets burst onto the scene and became a hit with audiences of all ages thanks in part to its fun story, talented voice cast, and new spin on some classic superheroes.

But those who missed out on the family-friendly action the first time around aren’t out of luck because as of Monday, September 26, 2022, you can watch DC League of Super-Pets streaming from the comfort of your home with little to no trouble at all. Here’s everything you need to do to watch Dwayne Johnson, Kevin Hart, and other A-listers voice some crime-fighting pets…

How To Watch DC League Of Super-Pets Streaming

Anyone with a couple free hours and an HBO Max subscription can now watch DC League of Super-Pets streaming with nothing more than a few clicks. With so many other DC Comics movies landing on the streaming service following their theatrical runs, it should come as no surprise that Jared Stern’s animated film would do the same. 

If you are already a subscriber, you just have to click the link found below and you’ll be on your way to watch Krypto the Superdog and Bat-Hound save the day. But if you are still on the fence about signing up, there are a few reasons to give HBO Max a chance.

Watch DC League of Super-Pets on HBO Max

Are There Other Ways To Watch DC League Of Super-Pets?

While it’s great that you can already watch DC League of Super-Pets streaming on HBO Max, some may prefer to make a one-time rental or purchase the movie outright, whether it be digitally or on physical media. Luckily, the 2022 movie is available in a variety of different ways.

The movie is currently available for digital purchase. And if  you don’t mind waiting a little while longer, you will be able to purchase DC League of Super-Pets on DVD, Blu-ray, and 4K starting October 4th, but you can go ahead and pre-order it ahead of time. A cheaper digital rental will also be available at that time.

Buy DC League of Super-Pets on Amazon.
Pre-order DC League of Super-Pets on DVD/Blu-ray/4K on Amazon.

If You’ve Already Watched DC League Of Super-Pets

If you have already watched DC League of Super-Pets but want to check out some of the stories we have written about the animated movie since its release, stick around because we have quite a bit to unpack.

First, there is the roundup of the film’s critical response, as well as a more detailed review by CinemaBlend’s Dirk Libbey who gave the movie 3.5 out of 5 stars prior to its release. Next up is an article on Dwayne Johnson’s response to audience and critical praise. Then there are some comments from director Jared Stern that should make fans excited about future installments. And that is just the beginning.

Hopefully this helps you plan out your next family movie night in the near future. Speaking of which, there are a ton of great upcoming DC movies slated for release in the next year or so that are worth checking out.

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