Ginny & Georgia: 5 Things To Know If You Haven't Watched The Show Before

Ginny and Georgia in Ginny & Georgia.
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When it comes to the most popular Netflix shows to watch, there are plenty that might pop up in people’s minds. You might think of Bridgerton, which is getting a Season 3, or maybe the ever popular Wednesday. Or, you might think of one of Netflix’s most popular shows, Stranger Things – and the long wait we are going to have for Season 5. However, more recently, a show that debuted its second season is Ginny & Georgia. 

The Netflix series has steadily been at the top of the Netflix Top 10 since its Season 2 premiere back in the beginning of January 2023. However, for those who are wondering what on earth Ginny & Georgia might be about for it to be at the top for so long, I’m here to give you the answers to those questions. 

Ginny & Georgia Follows The Titular Characters When They Move To A New Northeast Town

Obviously, with a show called Ginny & Georgia, one might think that there would be characters called that in the show – and you would be right. The main premise of Ginny & Georgia during the first season follows the titular characters, Ginny and Georgia, a daughter and mother who up the coast to Massachusetts, along with Georgia’s son Austin. 

The main goal is to get away from their past and start fresh after the sudden death of Georgia’s second husband. While Ginny is learning to adapt to a new school once again, and making friends and relationships, she starts to uncover more about her mother’s mysterious past. 

The Show Is A Dramedy Coming Of Age Story – Mixed In With Some Mystery

There are so many teen dramedies on Netflix to watch, from Never Have I Ever to Anne with an E, and now, Ginny & Georgia joins that group. The show mainly follows Ginny as she learns more about her mother throughout the first two seasons, and their relationship evolves with those changes. Georgia is the main mystery – and how on the surface, she seems like she knows everything, and yet underneath it, there’s a lot more to her. 

However, there’s more to the story than just Georgia’s mystery, including Ginny learning to grow up and becoming her own person, separate from her mother (who is only fifteen years older than her). I personally think that Season 2 is better than Season 1 in a few ways, but both seasons feature entertaining coming-of-age stories. 

Ginny & Georgia Stars Brianne Howey And Antonia Gentry

The titular characters of Ginny and Georgia are played by Brianne Howey (Georgia) and Antonia Gentry (Ginny). At the time of the first season’s premiere in 2021, Brianne Howey had been in plenty of television shows before, including guest roles such as Batwoman on the CW, Dollface and a role on Fox's The Exorcist, but her role in Ginny & Georgia is her first lead role. 

Antonia Gentry was a relative newcomer to Hollywood before her role on the show, with her only credits prior being the Netflix film, Candy Jar, as well as a guest role on the TV series, Raising Dion.

The rest of the Ginny & Georgia cast includes Diesel La Torraca, Jennifer Robertson, Felix Mallard, Sara Waisglass, Scott Porter, Raymond Ablack, Katie Douglas, Chelsea Clark, and several recurring roles as well. 

The Show Is TV-14

While this show isn’t rated TV-MA like many other big Netflix shows (looking at you, The Witcher), Ginny & Georgia is TV-14, so it might not be super appropriate for the young kids to watch. However, it’s a great show for teenagers to check out – and enjoyable for those who aren’t in that age bracket either. 

There Are Two Seasons So Far

There aren’t that many seasons of Ginny & Georgia yet. Only two have come out thus far and a third season has yet to be ordered. But with two seasons, and each episode being about roughly an hour long each, there’s plenty of content to watch. And if it keeps being as popular as it is, a renewal for Season 3 seems likely, though we'll have to wait and see. 

Whether this is your first time watching Ginny & Georgia or your fifth time, it’s certainly an entertaining show to watch that leaves you with plenty of questions. Be sure to check it out on Netflix if you haven’t yet. 

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