Jenna Ortega’s Viral Wednesday Dance Was Recreated By A Skater, And The Routine Is Perfect

Jenna Ortega as Wednesday.
(Image credit: Netflix)

Wednesday is one of the shows that has not only taken over the 2022 TV schedule but the world. And if you need more confirmation that this is true, look no further than this viral video of a professional figure skater recreating Jenna Ortega’s self-choreographed moves while competing at a national competition. 

The Wednesday-inspired routine has over 1.8 million views on TikTok, and it has more than 330 thousand likes. You can watch this creepy, spooky, cooky figure skating routine from the 2023 Russian Figure Skating Championships here:


♬ Goo Goo Muck - The Cramps

The gal dancing to “Goo Goo Muck” while also spinning and jumping through the air is Kamila Valieva, a Russian skater who has competed in multiple world championships, including the 2022 Beijing Olympics. As for her Wednesday dance, the routine scored her the silver medal at the competition earlier this month, as it should have because it's perfection. 

On top of her impeccable figure skating, and on-point dance movies, the skater also nailed Wednesday’s fashion and looks, from the gothic dress all the way to the two braids, dark lipstick and killer stare.

You can see just how on-point Valieva’s moves and outfit were by comparing them to Jenna Ortega’s dance in the incredibly popular Netflix series. 

On top of her great Wednesday Addams-inspired moves, Valieva is quite an accomplished figure skater. She was the national champion in Russia in 2022, and the silver medalist in 2021. 

Valieva is not the first notable human to recreate Wednesday’s moves and fashion. 

Lada Gaga replicated Ortega’s dance since TikTok decided to do the young actress’ moves to the singer’s song “Bloody Mary” instead of the song actually used in the show. Gaga put on a gothic look, braided her hair, and absolutely slayed Wednesday Addams’s 100% unique dance moves. 

Reese Witherspoon posted a viral TikTok reaction to Legally Blonde being used during Wednesday’s date with a boy on the series. The twist was, rather than her iconic movie being framed as a comedy, it was framed as one of the scariest movies Wednesday could watch, and the young girl's horrified reaction to the early 2000s classic was incredible. 

The Voice coach Camila Cabello also paid homage to Wednesday’s black and white fashion during the finale of the singing competition. Not only did the “Havana” singer wear a gown inspired by Wednesday’s ball dress, but she also recreated Ortega’s moves, aptly captioning it “Tuesday’s child.” 

From figuring skating to pop stars paying homage to what feels like everyone recreating the dance on TikTok, Wednesday’s iconic dance continues to rock the internet and get replicated in new and unique ways. 

If you want to see the choreography that started it all, you can watch Jenna Ortega as and on Wednesday with a Netflix subscription. 

Riley Utley
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