John Krasinski: What To Watch If You Like The Quiet Place Star And Director

John Krasinski in A Quiet Place
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John Krasinski’s career is constantly evolving. We all loved him as Jim Halpert on The Office, he then awed us all with his directing abilities in A Quiet Place and its sequel. He even reminded us that wholesomeness and kindness still exist out in this sometimes dark world with his YouTube news show, Some Good News. John Krasinski movies and TV shows are often fun, unique, and a good way to spend a weekend binge-watching.

Many of these are available all across streaming platforms and available to rent or purchase. Good news, A Quiet Place and The Office fans, John Krasinski has plenty of other projects that you can watch thousands of times. Let’s look at some John Krasinski movies and TV shows currently available to stream or rent. 

John Krasinski in The Office

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The Office (Peacock)

The Office follows the staff of the Dunder Mifflin Paper Company. It involves the daly comedic inner-workings of this branch, and the chaos that often ensues due to boss Michael Scott (Steve Carell). It’s based on the British series of the same name created by Ricky Gervais.

John Krasinski played one of The Office’s main characters, Jim Halpert, throughout the show’s nine season run. He also played one half of The Office’s most popular couple. The series is really what made John Krasinski a household name and propelled his career to what it has become. It wouldn’t be the same without Krasinski as Jim.

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John Krasinski in A Quiet Place

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A Quiet Place (Paramount+)

A Quiet Place follows the Abbott family as they deal with a recent tragedy and try to combat space creatures that have now taken over the earth. The movie was a massive success that led to an equally popular sequel, A Quiet Place Part II, and A Quiet Place spin-off movie.

John Krasinski starred in here with his real-life wife, Emily Blunt. The project was personal to Krasinski not only because he co-starred in it with his wife, but he directed it and co-wrote the screenplay. In my opinion, this also the project that allowed him to gain the freedom to showcase more of his creative talents. 

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John Krasinski in Something Borrowed

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Something Borrowed (Netflix)

Something Borrowed is the 2011 romantic comedy about two best friends who are in love with the same man. One of them is engaged to him and the other has secretly loved him for years. Something Borrowed stars Ginnifer Goodwin, Kate Hudson, Colin Egglesfield, and John Krasinski.  

Something Borrowed is one of the best movies on Netflix to watch if you love romantic comedies and have already seen, say, the 30 best romantic comedies of all time. The entire cast plays their parts well, and John Krasinski brings some of the charm that made Jim such a good romantic lead. He’s more of a supporting character in Something Borrowed, but his character is fleshed out enough that you definitely would want to watch him as the lead of a sequel.

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John Krasinski as Jack Ryan

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Jack Ryan (Amazon Prime Video)

Jack Ryan is based on Tom Clancy’s book series about the Jack Ryan character.  It’s an original Amazon Prime Video series that follows CIA analyst Jack Ryan as he’s thrown into the field and must combat extremist and corrupt individuals. Jack Ryan has been available to stream for two seasons, with two more in various stages of production. 

Jack Ryan marked John Krasinski’s major return to television after The Office ended. It’s also a series that takes Krasinski far from his Jim Halpert role. Jack Ryan is a great show to watch if you like action thriller series and want to see Krasinski take on an action hero role. 

Stream Jack Ryan on Amazon Prime Video. 

John Krasinski in Away We Go

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Away We Go (Peacock)

Away We Go is a dramedy about Burt (John Krasinski) and Verona (Maya Rudolph), two people on the verge of having their first child together. They haven’t fully settled their lives and decide to go on an adventure to find the best place to grow old together and raise their child. Away We Go has an ensemble that includes Schitt's Creek cast member Catherine O’Hara, Allison Janney, Jeff Daniels, Chris Messina, and Maggie Gyllenhaal.

Away We Go’s cast makes this a film worth watching. It also has an interesting premise that makes the movie feel like an odyssey, with parenting and family at the core. Krasinski and Rudolph’s on-screen chemistry also adds an additional layer of charm

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John Krasinski in The Hollars

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The Hollars (Showtime)

John Krasinski directed and starred in The Hollars. It follows the Hollar family as the matriarch faces an unexpected illness. John Hollar (Krasinski) is at the center of the story as he returns home after settling in New York. As his mother prepares for surgery, John must come to terms with why he’s been afraid to commit to his pregnant girlfriend, Rebecca (Anna Kendrick).

One of the biggest strengths of The Hollars is the cast, which includes Richard Jenkins, Margo Martindale, Charlie Day, Josh Groban, Mary Elizabeth Winstead, and Sharlto Copley. The Hollars also works because it portrays a dysfunctional family that’s still likable, despite their glaring flaws.

Stream The Hollars on Showtime.
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John Krasinski in Promised Land

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Promised Land (Starz)

Matt Damon and John Krasinski co-wrote the screenplay to Promised Land. They also starred in it alongside Frances McDormand and Rosemarie DeWitt. The movie follows Steve Butler, a man who works for an energy corporation and travels to a small town to introduce fracking practices. He works to persuade the town to allow his corporation to use fracking in their town, but faces major opposition, especially from Dustin Noble (Krasinski).

John Krasinski is best known for playing nice guys, and Promised Land is one of the few projects featuring him as a dubious character. It’s worth watching to see him play a character out of his acting norm. 

Stream Promised Land on Starz.
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John Krasinski in License to Wed

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Licensed To Wed (Amazon)

Licensed to Wed follows newly engaged couple Sadie (Mandy Moore) and Ben (John Krasinski) as they take a marriage-ready course required by Reverend Frank (Robin Williams). Frank has a lot of unorthodox methods that make Ben uncomfortable. As the course continues, Ben and Sadie realize their relationship may not be as perfect as they once believed.

The late Robin Williams gives a fun performance as this wacky, inappropriate reverend, which pairs well with Krasinski's more serious character. As Licensed to Wed continues, you aren’t sure who's the wilder character, because both show different sides of crazy behavior.

Rent/buy Licensed to Wed on Amazon. 

John Krasinski in It's Complicated

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It’s Complicated (Amazon Prime)

It’s Complicated is a Nancy Meyers directed movie about a divorced couple who start to have an affair ten years after their divorce. It stars Meryl Streep, Alec Baldwin, and Steve Martin. John Krasinski plays Harley, the fiancé of Baldwin and Streep’s characters’ daughter. 

Krasinski’s character is one of the funnest parts of It’s Complicated. He stumbles upon the big secret and doesn’t know how to act about it, leading to some really funny and awkward moments with him. It’s one of the best Amazon Prime movies to watch if you want an unconventional romantic comedy, and to be charmed by Streep, Martin, and Krasinski.

Stream It’s Complicated on Amazon Prime Video.
Rent/buy It’s Complicated on  Amazon. 

You can catch John Krasinski next when Jack Ryan Season 3 premieres. He can also be seen co-starring with Ryan Reynolds in Imaginary Friends in 2023. We also may see Krasinski again if he returns for Some Good News. 

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