Kim Kardashian Doubled Down With New SKIMS Pics After Kanye West Commented On Her Fashion Again

Kim Kardashian at Milan Fashion Week.
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It’s been a big week for Kim Kardashian between her new podcast stomping on the likes of Meghan Markle and Joe Rogan, dealing with a pricey SEC fine, starring in a new episode of The Kardashians and more. Oh yeah, and she just so happened to drop some new SKIMS content after her ex Kanye West did a bombshell interview with Tucker Carlson where he spoke out about not digging Kim’s fashion sense. 

What Kanye West Told Tucker Carlson

Kanye West recently appeared on Tucker Carlson Tonight in the wake of the controversy over Ye’s Paris Fashion Week show in which he wore White Lives Matter t-shirts, incurring criticism from a Vogue fashion editor. That wasn’t the only thing he shared during the Fox News program, as he also touched on Kim Kardashian’s current fashion evolution, which he claimed is more of a product of what fashion wants from her than what The Kardashians star might herself want.

Much like Kim is a Christian, but she has people who want her to go to Interview magazine and put her ass out while she's a 40-something-year-old multi-billionaire with four Black children. This is how fashion wants to present her.

The Interview Magazine post in question was highly touted by Kim after it went viral online for the September 2022 issue and she even posted the cover to her own Instagram. So despite what her former partner said, she was seemingly fine with the spread.

Ye also got specific about his ex-wife’s popular SKIMS ads, which have earned some notice for their raciness in the past. Kardashian herself has been involved in some of these campaigns, previously working out in a barely there bodysuit to promote SKIMS. The line has also been pushed in an ad featuring her sister Kourtney and Megan Fox who went topless for the photoshoot. 

I felt like there was a lot of imagery that was overly sexualized and things that I wouldn't want to see my wife and definitely not my daughters doing in the future in order to sell a product.

Kim Kardashian didn’t bother to respond to Kanye West’s comments, but she did spend a lot of time pushing SKIMS this weekend. She shared some viral New York-based advertisements of the line’s bras on her Story. 

Kim Kardashian's Viral Skims Line images.

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More importantly, though, she donned some new looks herself and spent the weekend pushing the new SKIMS Glam line of “seductive” and “corseted” styles. Whether or not the posts were previously planned, the timing couldn't have been more impeccable.

How Kim Kardashian's Style Has Evolved

It’s true that the middle Kardashian sister has gone to comical lengths for fashion in the past. She has also, in fact, seemingly spent a lot of time revisioning what she wants to look like after splitting from Kanye West in 2021. Kim’s signature bodycon dresses are back and much of her style aligns with what she used to look like before Ye started weighing in on her wardrobe. She’s also had some viral fashion moments in recent months with dresses that seem to defy gravity

Interestingly, West’s comments came just a few days after the latest episode of The Kardashians featured Kim revealing that her ex still spoke with her about her fashion choices. Of course, the episodes filmed months ago, but it revealed that she got a text from him mentioning he didn’t like some white sunglasses she’d been photographed in. He also said of an orange jumpsuit: 

The orange look made me so mad. Would have went to jail before I went out in that.

When they were together, Kanye often styled looks for Kim and she had a particular aesthetic. Ye’s also dressed some of the other women he’s dated since their split. But the two haven’t been together for years now, and to me, the latest posts read as gentle reminders she’s going to continue to do and wear whatever the heck she wants. Certainly regardless of whether or not it makes her ex "so mad." 

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