Megan Fox’s Reaction When Pete Davidson Tried To Get Kim Kardashian’s Number Before Her SNL Appearance Is Classic

Some still may not be able to wrap their heads around it, but Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson have emerged as one of the hottest couples in Hollywood. The two became acquainted this past October when Kardashian hosted Saturday Night Live (where Davidson was apparently attentive), and the rest is history. If social media is anything to go by, many appear to be delighted by the pairing. There was, however, at least one person who never thought the romance would happen, Megan Fox, a friend to both stars. As a matter of fact, she had a classic reaction when Davidson asked for Kardashian’s number ahead of her SNL debut.

More details on Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson’s relationship have come to light as of late, thanks in part to The Kardashians (streamable with a Hulu subscription). On the latest episode, “Never Go Against the Family,” Kardashian spoke candidly about how they got together following her Saturday Night Live gig. She also explained that after they became an item, gal pal Megan Fox called her to verify the romance rumors and reveal that Davidson had previously shown interest:

After we got together and it was a thing, Megan Fox texted me and is like, 'Is this shit for real? Because he asked me for your number months ago.

But that wasn’t all the Transformers alum had to say, though. She apparently also gave a brutally honest (and hilarious) response when the King of Staten Island star requested Kim Kardashian’s digits. Kardashian recalled her saying:

‘I was like, dude, you have a better shot of me and MGK [Machine Gun Kelly] getting eaten by crocodiles than you [do] ever getting her number. Never gonna happen. Do not ask us.’

On that note, Pete Davidson may have been surprised when the media personality called him after getting his number from an SNL producer. Megan Fox certainly underestimated both of her friends in this case, yet you can’t really blame her. I’m not sure many of us would’ve imagined that the comedian and billionaire would get together. 

Kim Kardashian and Pete have certainly been proving any doubters wrong thus far. The two have been spending plenty of time together over the past several months, from taking photos with tourists during public excursions to renting out movie theaters. They also did the latter for a night with Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly (though MGK regrets the double date due to the quality of the film he picked) And of course, Davidson and Kardashian also weathered their highly publicized social media feud with the fashionista’s ex Kanye West

With all of that in mind, one would think that Megan Fox is now accustomed to the idea of her two friends being together. She may also want to be at the ready as well. Because if things keep going the way they appear to be, the soon-to-be married Fox could find herself becoming a member of another wedding party sometime in the future.

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