Netflix’s The Old Guard 2 Is Now Filming, Here’s How Charlize Theron Celebrated

Charlize Theron's Andy holding gun and surrounded by armed allies in The Old Guard
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While Charlize Theron has been getting a lot of attention lately for her continued antagonist run as Cipher in the Fast & Furious franchise and her surprise appearance as Clea in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, the actress also has quite the foothold over at Netflix. In a few months, we’ll see her playing Lady Lesso in The School for Good and Evil, and Theron also starred as the immortal warrior known as Andy is 2020’s The Old Guard. We’ve known for a while that The Old Guard 2 is on the way, and Theron went on social media to share a peek at her in the midst of filming the sequel.

The Old Guard 2 didn’t hit end up hitting the target principal photography date that Charlize Theron teased back in June 2021, but now cameras are rolling. The actress commemorated the kickoff to this portion of the creative process with the below Instagram post:

Charlize Theron is seated in the first photo next to returning costars Kiki Layne, Chiwetel Ejiofor, Luca Martinelli and Marwan Kenzari, and in the next photo, they’re joined by newcomer Henry Golding and director Victoria Mahoney, the latter of whom declared last week that The Old Guard 2 had officially begun filming. While some creative talent decide to go with a classic picture of a clapboard to commemorate the start of filming (as was done at the start of this month with Furiosa), Theron went with a more personal touch. Fans of the first Old Guard movie are undoubtedly pleased to see Theron back with these familiar faces and a few new ones.

Shortly after The Old Guard premiered to Netflix subscribers in July of 2020, chatter about potentially making a sequel started making the rounds, but it wasn’t until January of the following year that it was reported that The Old Guard 2 was moving forward. Then in August 2021, it was announced that Victoria Mahoney would take over directorial duties from Gina Prince-Bythewood, who helmed the first movie and is still attached to the sequel as a producer. 

Along with the aforementioned actors, The Old Guard 2 will also feature the return of Matthias Schoenaerts and Vân Veronica Ngô as Booker and Quynh, respectively. Additionally, Uma Thurman will be along for The Old Guard 2 ride, although it hasn’t been revealed yet who she and Henry Golding are playing. You can read our breakdown of The Old Guard’s ending to learn/remember where we left off with its starring characters, but in addition to the movie receiving a lot of positive reception from critics, it was also a massive viewing success for Netflix, with reportedly 78 million households checking it out within its first four weeks of availability.

CinemaBlend will continue passing along updates on The Old Guard 2’s progress, as well as when it will be added to the catalog of Netflix movies. For now, plan what cinematic entertainment to watch on the platform in the near future with our 2022 Netflix movie schedule.

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