One Bridgerton Season 2 Star Admits He Actually Begged For Shirtless Scenes

Calam Lynch on Bridgerton
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At this point in Hollywood, “shirtless” has basically become its own subgenre with a whole class of hunky actors at its helm. While The Northman’s Alexander Skarsgård has found this type-cast to be hindersome at times, one cast member of the positively reviewed Bridgerton Season 2 is all about joining the throng of actors known for showing their bare abs on screen. Calam Lynch, who appears in Season 2 as Theo Sharpe, confesses that he actually begged producers to give him a shirtless scene in the latest season of the Netflix series.

Actors like Henry Cavill have been open about preparing shirtless scenes, but apparently Bridgerton star Calam Lynch has been ready to jump into similar scenes. In an exclusive interview with Page Six, Lynch revealed why he was ready to go shirtless on camera. Here it is in his own words:

I work out anyway, so I was like, ‘Finally, there’s a reason. I can show the world!

Unfortunately he didn’t get his wish, because he didn’t have even one shirtless scene during the season. This may have been disappointing to fans, who fans were also somewhat unhappy with the overall lack of sex scenes in the new season, following Season 1's spicy and scandalous situations

The lack of half-naked scenes for Calam Lynch’s Theo Sharpe wasn’t for lack of trying on his part, though, as the actor reveals that he was full of suggestions as to where his character could be seen shirtless. Apparently, he tried to come up with "any excuse for Theo to be topless in the show":

I was pestering [executive producers] Tom [Verica] and Chris [Van Dusen] and everyone on set being like, ‘What do you think? Maybe Theo’s topless in this scene? Maybe he’s doing the printing but he’s topless.'

While viewers may not have seen Theo out of his full costume in Season 2, there may be hope yet for future seasons. As fans likely know, each season of the series centers around a different member of the titular family and sees them pursuing love. Lucky for us and Calam Lynch, Sharpe has been set up as a potential love interest for Eloise Bridgerton. 

Funny enough, Theo Sharpe does not appear in the books at all and was specifically created just for the Netflix adaptation. While the fifth Bridgerton book centers on Eloise and her love story, it’s reasonable to believe that the series may make changes to her storyline, as it already has with the addition of Theo. 

With this in consideration, it’s entirely possible that Calam Lynch could be able to make his shirtless debut down the road, as Season 3 has already been greenlit. If you haven’t already seen it, you can check out the first two seasons of Bridgerton with a Netflix subscription. It’ll be some time until the third season hits the streamer, but there are plenty of other shirtless marvels in other Netflix TV shows to keep you busy in the meantime.

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