Orlando Bloom Allegedly Helped Pete Davidson Through Break-Up As Rumors Swirl About Him And Katy Perry

Dealing with added pressures like working long hours in totally different locations can make relationships that much harder. As we know, this is something that celebrities deal with quite often, as their seemingly glamorous jobs also tend to lead to them being away from their partners/families for long stretches of time. Distance has been cited as one of the reasons for the recent Pete Davidson and Kim Kardashian breakup, but as Davidson is allegedly getting support from his co-star, Orlando Bloom, there are rumors swirling about the Carnival Row actor and Katy Perry.

Why Are There Rumors About Orlando Bloom And Katy Perry’s Relationship?

It can be difficult for many couples to maintain a strong romantic relationship, even under what appear to be completely ideal circumstances to most people, and celebrities seem to have an especially hard time staying together for the long haul. Orlando Bloom and Katy Perry have already had one major breakup that we know of, but now there are rumors that they might be headed for another split, because OK! Is reporting that he has now unliked most of Perry’s Instagram posts, with him not having liked her posts at all lately, as Bloom continues to post shirtless workout selfies.

Obviously, this is the kind of thing that one would only notice if already paying close attention to Perry and Bloom’s Instagram feeds, and it does kinda suck that if there really is trouble between them right now, something as simple as social media likes is the thing that tipped fans off. Even if only one fan noticed Bloom’s mass unliking of Perry’s posts as it happened, though, that automatically leads to basically everyone knowing about it. 

Bloom and Perry first went public with their romance in January 2016, and dated through March of the following year, breaking up in a way that Bloom once suggested had been amicable. They were back together by February of the next year, got engaged a year after that, and then welcomed their daughter, Daisy Dove, in late August of 2020. Unfortunately, while the story also notes that Perry and Bloom do still follow each other on Instagram, many fans are taking his action as yet another sign that things might not be great between the couple right now.

It was just earlier this month, on August 11, that Perry was seen getting very emotional during a concert as she sang the Whitney Houston hit “The Greatest Love of All”. While it’s very common for singers to get worked up when performing stirring songs such as that one, fans are now combining that incident with two instances early this year (the Met Gala and one of Perry’s appearances on American Idol) where she was without her engagement ring as signs that the couple may have hit a rough patch.

Neither Orlando Bloom or Katy Perry have said anything about him unliking her posts or any of this other supposed evidence of issues in their relationship, so fans should remember that there could be several reasons for all of the things that are being pointed to as bad signs. Hopefully, if anything really is wrong, they'll be able to work through it in time, and maybe Pete Davidson can now return the favor and offer a supportive ear to Bloom in return.

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