Pete Davidson Seemingly Got A Tattoo Removed After Split From Kim Kardashian, And People Have An ‘Ink’ling What It’s About

Pete Davidson and Kim Kardashian were easily one of the hottest (and honestly most unexpected) couples in Hollywood for the better part of this year. However, Kardashian and Davidson’s relationship reportedly ended in August after the two had been dating for roughly nine months. The two stars seem to have broken things off amicably, though, and are currently moving on with their lives. For Davidson, the latter includes getting a tattoo removed, and people seem to have an “ink”ling (pun intended) regarding the one that he got rid of. 

After going public with Kim Kardashian, Pete Davidson had no problem showing his affection towards her. One of the ways in which he did so was by getting a tattoo that read, “My Girl Is A Lawyer.” Well, it’s believed that the Saturday Night Live alum has now gotten that ink removed. TMZ obtained snapshots of Davidson on the New York City-based set of his Lorne Michaels-produced TV show, Bupkis, earlier this week. The comic was noticeably sporting a bandage at the bottom of his neck at the time. While we can’t say for sure that the “lawyer” tatt is the one that was removed, the bandage appears to be in the spot in which he had it done. 

Theoretically, it would make sense that the 28-year-old star would want to get that particular tattoo – which is a reference to his ex’s legal career – removed. They aren’t together anymore, so why hold onto it? To be honest, if he does still have it, it could create some pretty awkward situations as far as dating goes. (There’s nothing like getting intimate with someone and finding that they still have skin art devoted to an old flame, right?)

The “lawyer” sentence isn’t the only piece of ink that he got in honor of his lady. While he’d been removing tatts by the time they got together, the actor went full Yellowstone for his lady by getting a “branding” of her name on his chest. The King of Staten Island star also got a tattoo for the SKIM founder’s kids on his neck. The artwork read “KNSCP,” which was reportedly an acronym made up of the first initials of his ex-girlfriend and her four kids’ names. It’s unclear as to whether or not the Suicide Squad alum has done away with these two markings as well. 

Pete Davidson seemed to be head over heels for his former girlfriend, and reports suggest that the two were getting along swimmingly before they parted ways. However, despite their chemistry, Davidson’s stint in Australia (where he was shooting the upcoming movie Wizards!) allegedly strained things a bit. It’s also been said that while dating Davidson, Kim Kardashian wasn’t happy with the age difference between them. Though an episode of The Kardashians seemed to imply that Davidson dumped Kim.

At the moment, Kim Kardashian doesn’t seem to be keen on dating anyone immediately after her breakup with the funnyman and appears focused on her business ventures. Pete Davidson, as made apparent by the recent photos, has also been busy working on his upcoming Peacock series and recently promoted his new rom-com, Meet Cute. And as he continues to work, I wouldn’t be surprised if he gets another tattoo or two removed in his spare time. 

Those looking for an inkling (sorry) about how the reality star is handling the split can check out The Kardashians when it drops new episodes for Hulu subscription-holders on Thursdays.

Erik Swann
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