After Pete Davidson’s Tattoo For Kim Kardashian’s Kids, Kanye West’s Girlfriend Got One For Ye

Pete Davidson has been going hard in the paint – or the ink, we should say – for his girlfriend Kim Kardashian of late. The two have been dating since October, and in that time, the SNL alum has already dedicated several new tattoos to the romance. One in fact says, “My girl is a lawyer,” – well, close enough, since she did pass the “baby bar” exam. He’s also been branded Yellowstone-style with Kim’s name. Interestingly, after Davidson’s latest tat, Kanye West’s girlfriend got one herself for Ye. Coincidence?

Per Page Six, the comedian was first spotted with Kim Kardashian a few weeks ago in Los Angeles sporting new ink on his neck, which read “KNSCP.” The acronym is believed to represent Kim’s and all four of her kids’ first initials: North, Saint, Chicago, and Psalm. As it would turn out, the father of those kids, Kanye West, has someone in his own life who’s likewise into big and permanent proclamations. His girlfriend of four months, Chaney Jones, showed off what looks like a “Ye” wrist tattoo on her Instagram stories. Check it out below:

screenshot stories

(Image credit: Chaney Jones Instagram)

It's kind of difficult to make out, but the rapper's new legal name is there. Here's a slightly zoomed in screenshot to help things a bit:

screenshot stories

(Image credit: Chaney Jones Instagram)

The 24-year-old is Kanye West’s third reported girlfriend in all the time since Kim Kardashian filed for divorce from him in February of 2021. Before Chaney Jones, there was actress Julia Fox who went viral for her “Uncut Jahmz” pronunciation and basically saying she was the rapper’s “muse.” Which is kind of ironic if we think about it now because Pete Davidson is using Kim as his (latest) tattoo muse and Jones is seemingly doing the same with Ye. Hopefully, the latter relationship is more serious than the others have been, or she might need to call Davidson’s tattoo removal guy.

Since Ye and his girl took up dating, countless comparisons have insinuated that Chaney Jones is a “Kim Kardashian lookalike.” Jones, apparently, doesn’t see the resemblance in the slightest. And as for Kardashian herself, before even knowing about her ex-husband’s new romance, she had opened up about the frequent hoopla over people imitating her look by saying that it was actually unfair to those individual women.

Now, that doesn’t necessarily mean that Kim Kardashian and Chaney Jones are bosom buddies, especially given the fact that Kardashian, Pete Davidson, and Kanye West have been embroiled in an intense social media feud in the same span as his new relationship. Ye allegedly ended said feud for good in the wake of getting a 24-hour Instagram suspension and being cut from the 2022 Grammy performances over his online behavior. However, he also had a lot of definitive views before that when it came to Davidson and his kids.

So far on the first season of the famous reality family’s new streaming series The Kardashians, Kim and Kanye West were seen on relatively good terms post-divorce, with the Grammy winner even jetting off to retrieve what remains of her old sex tape from Ray J. (Ray J emphatically denies that was how it went down.) Things supposedly turned sour, though, due to the language of the reality star’s jokes while headlining SNL – but the latest episode hinted at the Pete Davidson flirtation just starting to begin. So, maybe, Ye just didn’t like that Aladdin/Jasmine smooch skit on the show?

We’ll find out more insight into the complex dynamic in the new episodes of The Kardashians streaming on Thursdays (with a Hulu subscription). But for now, what do you think – child names/initials tattooed on a relatively new boyfriend? Partner names after a few months of dating? For better or worse, there's no denying that it's a bold move.

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