West Side Story Streaming: When And Where You'll Be Able To Watch The Steven Spielberg Musical

Ariana debose as Anita in America, West Side Story
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Steven Spielberg has done it again. He’s created another masterpiece of a movie with fantastic cinematography, amazing dancing, wonderful costuming, and so much more, reinventing West Side Story in a way that has never been done before. As someone who has adored this musical for years on end, I was looking forward to this, and thankfully, it did not disappoint. 

Fans loved the movie, as well as critics, and it’s one of the Best Picture nominees at the 2022 Academy Awards, but now, it’s your turn to check out the latest adaptation of the classic musical. Here is how you can see West Side Story streaming, and how soon that is going to happen.

When Is West Side Story Streaming?

If you, like many movie fans, have been eagerly awaiting the release of West Side Story on streaming since it debuted in theaters back in early December 2021, you're in luck, because you don't have much longer to wait. Currently, the set release date for West Side Story to begin streaming is March 2nd, 2022. So, you'll soon be able to watch it for the first time, or revisit the wonderful musical while at home.

Where Is West Side Story Streaming?

Make sure that you have that Disney+ subscription, as West Side Story is going to be dancing its way over to the popular streaming service when it drops on March 2nd. And, even when you finish watching the movie, there is so much more to watch on Disney+, from its fantastic original shows, to some of the best original movies

Will West Side Story Be Available To Stream Or Rent Anywhere Else?

As of February 2022, there isn’t another service available where you can stream the film. That’s not to say that there might not be another home for it in the future, however, since West Side Story is a motion picture from 20th Century Studios, which was bought by Disney four years ago, I’d say it’s a safe bet that the movie will stay on Disney+. 

If you can’t wait that long for it to pop up on Disney+, the film is still in theaters as of February 2022, so be sure to go and check it out before it fully moves over to streaming. 

If You Want To Know More About West Side Story And Its Stars...

If you’ve already seen West Side Story and want to learn more about its fabulous stars, there's plenty for you to check out. Ariana DeBose was just nominated for an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress for her role as Anita in the film. This is her first major award nomination - but I’m sure it will not be the last. You can check out some cool things about Ariana DeBose

The other big star of West Side Story was newcomer Rachel Zegler, whose life has changed immensely. After her big role in the musical, she is set to take on the role of Snow White in the new live action Disney adaptation, alongside Gal Gadot as the Evil Queen. Zegler has spoken out about her role in the musical many times, and how proud she is that the musical gets to represent Latinas now, and how important it is to have that. 

Lastly, if you have any interest in watching the original West Side Story movie- which also starred Rita Moreno, who was in the recent adaptation - be sure to check it out on HBO Max. 

Stream West Side Story (1961) on HBO Max.

What are you the most excited for with the latest adaptation coming to streaming soon? All I know is that the soundtrack is going to be stuck in my head for hours! 

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