What Kim Kardashian Allegedly Thinks About Her Ex Pete Davidson Dating Emily Ratajkowski

We all know that no matter what happens in her personal life, one thing that Kim Kardashian always does is stay busy. The reality TV star/fashion mogul is ever present on social media, posting cooking videos that she gets roasted for, showing off images of her other famous family members and children, promoting her business ventures with on-brand lingerie pics, and even getting trolled by her eldest child. While the star is still ironing out the details of a difficult divorce, she’s also now faced with her most recent ex, Pete Davidson, being seen out and about with a new woman, and we know what she allegedly thinks about his newfound romance.

What Does Kim Kardashian Reportedly Think Of Pete Davidson Dating Emily Ratajkowski?

The former SNL star and the SKIMS founder had a whirlwind courtship that few people probably saw coming, even after she took her first turn at hosting the show that helped make him famous. It was fraught with complications, mostly because of the very public verbal abuse Davidson received from Kanye West. Now that their breakup is a few months old, though, the Bupkis actor appears to be dating model/actress Emily Ratajkowski, and if you’re wondering how The Kardashians star supposedly feels about it, a source recently told Entertainment Tonight:

Kim is not bothered by Pete and Emily's relationship and knows that things were over between her and Pete. She just wants everyone to live their best lives and be happy.

It can be quite hard to let go when a relationship ends, and it’s not uncommon for people to feel saddened or even angry when their ex finally moves on, but the mother of four seems to have been able to separate any possible negative feelings over having her nine-month romance with the comedian not last longer from her hopes for both of their futures. 

While Davidson has become known for having a number of romances with well-known ladies (supposedly because of a combo of him being “sweet” and having a generous “endowment”), one thing that seems pretty common is that none of them appear to have anything but lovely things to say about him after the fact. So, it makes sense that his fashionable former girlfriend would be no different.

Also, it’s worth noting that the lawyer in training tends to go out of her way not to tear others down and to only offer constructive criticism when needed. It just doesn’t seem like her to be upset that any ex has moved on with his life. Plus, as noted earlier, she’s famously busy running an empire, and also has a young family to look out for, so there are just more important things in her life than taking time and energy away from those responsibilities to dwell on negativity, when it’s so much easier to hope for the best for all involved as they move forward in life.

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