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The Boys Reveals Season 3 Premiere Date And How The Seven Will Replace Former Members

Homelander smiles on The Boys
(Image credit: Prime Video)

Prime Video’s irreverent superhero series The Boys is finally coming back in 2022, and we have a release date for Season 3. Along with that huge announcement, the final installment of the Vought New Network digital series Seven on 7 with Cameron Coleman” also gave fans plenty of other tidbits to chew on as we await Herogasm and the reveal of Jensen Ackles' Soldier Boy. Coleman gave fans a peek at how The Seven's two open spots will be filled when Season 3 premieres. 

Prime Video announced June 3, 2022, is the date The Boys fans have been waiting for since Season 2 ended, way back in October 2020. When we last saw the Supes, The Seven was down to five members, and barely that, as Black Noir was incapacitated by an Almond Joy. In the meantime, according to Seven on 7, Homelander has been publicly apologizing for his relationship with the Nazi Stormfront after Queen Maeve and Starlight got the credit for destroying her (rather than Ryan, Homelander and Becca’s son, who accidentally killed his mother when he attacked Stormfront). A-Train was also brought back to The Seven (an occasion definitely worth rapping about).

Cameron Coleman revealed that a reality competition called “American Hero” will be held, featuring ten Supes competing for the two open spots on The Seven. The contestants are likely familiar names to fans of the comic series: Luckless, Livewire, Jetstreak, Europo, Moonshadow, Lone Star, Critter, Silver Kincade, Pit Stop and ex-boy band member Supersonic, who happens to be Starlight’s ex-boyfriend. Starlight will apparently host the series, which will certainly involve some kind of conflict, especially with her history with Supersonic. Check out the announcement on “Seven on 7 with Cameron Coleman” for yourself. 

The final Seven on 7 with Cameron Coleman included some other fun bits for fans. It continued its fake advertisements, this time promoting the Chuck E. Cheese-esque Buster Beaver’s Pizza (yeah, I hear you laughing). It also appears Hughie and The Boys, predictably, will still be taking a lot of heat when it comes to holding Supes accountable for their actions, if the fictitious anchor’s interview was any indication. 

Crimson Countess got another name-drop, as Cameron Coleman announced she will be launching the chimpanzee refuge Chimp Country outside New York City this year. Her last venture mentioned on the Seven on 7 series had her singing about Supe history at Vought Land: The Super Park.

The end of the segment was more than a little concerning. Cameron Coleman signed off, having received a promotion at VNN but promised, “From those red, white and blue ashes, a mighty American phoenix will rise.” The feed cut to Homelander and Starlight at a photo op, with publicist Ashely Barrett looking obviously disturbed as the cameras flashed on a horrifying Homelander’s toothy grin. For just a split second before the video cut, Homelander’s smile faltered. 

What does it all mean, and why do we have to wait so long to find out? The Boys Season 3 will premiere Friday, June 3, with three episodes dropping on Prime Video that day and then one new episode each Friday after for the duration of the eight-episode run. Be sure to check out our 2022 TV Schedule to keep up to date on all your favorite shows’ premieres.

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