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netflix glow

Netflix debuted one of the funniest comedies of 2017 with GLOW, all about the Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling as they got their start back in the 1980s. Although the show about the Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling was a real thing in the 80s, GLOW is a fictionalized take on behind-the-scenes shenanigans that boasts a hilarious cast (led by Community alum Alison Brie), some amazing physical comedy, and enough one-liners that episodes need to be watched more than once just to catch all the jokes. The show premiered in June, and fans have been anxiously awaiting news about the future. Now, Netflix has finally announced some very good news. GLOW will return for Season 2. Break out the glittery lipstick, squeeze into some Spandex, and check out the announcement:

Frankly, the only bummer about this news (courtesy of GLOW on Twitter) is that it doesn't include just when we can expect the Gorgeous Ladies to return to streaming. We're probably not going to get the new season in 2017; hopefully we won't have to wait too long into 2018. Given that the actresses all did their own stunts (and got their own bruises) in Season 1, they may at least need time to get back to a place where they can pull off the wrestling movies safely. That said, actresses Kimmy Gatewood and Rebekka Johnson told CinemaBlend ahead of the GLOW premiere that the cast couldn't wait to get back in the ring, so we can bet that the actresses will have all the necessary enthusiasm.

The first season of GLOW was pretty self-contained, so we haven't had to spend the last couple of months agonizing over a cliffhanger. Still, the season ended in a way that totally set the show up for the next chapter in the Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling saga. Actress Betty Gilpin has pitched a Season 2 that involves even more wrestling and training montages, ideally "on top of a mountain in Japan" and including an epic power ballad, which... sounds pretty much perfect for a follow-up to Season 1. Season 2 will run for ten episodes, so there will be plenty of time for power ballads.

We'll have to wait and see. No details are available just yet about how much of the cast will return for the new season. My fingers are crossed that we'll get all the Gorgeous Ladies back in action, along with Marc Maron as Sam, Chris Lowell as Bash, and even Rich Sommer as the cheating Mark. Sydelle Noel, who played Cherry Bang in the first season of GLOW, recently landed a recurring role on The CW's Arrow. It's too soon to say if her character on Arrow will get in the way of more GLOW; only time will tell.

If you haven't caught GLOW yet, all ten episodes are available streaming on Netflix. For your other streaming options, take a look at our 2017 Netflix premiere schedule. Our breakdown of fall TV premiere dates can help you out with your non-streaming options as well.