Orange Is The New Black Reveals New Location And New Opening Credits

Fans of Orange Is the New Black have already been waiting more than a year to find out what happens in the aftermath of that breathtaking Season 5 finale cliffhanger, and they have a bit longer to wait still until the Season 6 premiere in July. Fortunately, Netflix has released some new content to tide anxious viewers over in the final days and weeks until new episodes are available. First up, we have some photos of a new location that prove Season 6 won't be business as usual for the women of Orange Is the New Black. Take a look!

We're not in Litchfield anymore! The new photos from Orange Is the New Black Season 6 courtesy of Netflix on Twitter confirm what many fans must have suspected after the Season 5 finale. The women of Litchfield Penitentiary will no longer be at Litchfield. Instead, they've been moved to a new prison that looks no more homey or comfortable than Litchfield. The showers could look grosser, I suppose, but we probably shouldn't expect the ladies formerly of Litchfield Pen to have an easier time in their new lodgings, especially if they're among unfriendly folks who were already present before they had to move in.

The switch from Litchfield to a new prison shouldn't come as a surprise to anybody who watched Orange Is the New Black Season 5. The finale ended with the inmates -- including a newly-engaged Piper and Alex -- standing hand-in-hand while waiting for armed officers to arrive after the prison riot. A smoke bomb went off, leaving viewers unsure of what happened and whether any of the women would pay for the riot with their lives. It wouldn't be the first time one of them died in a protest gone wrong.

The other inmates of Litchfield who weren't present with Piper and Alex were loaded onto buses, presumably to be sent to other prisons. The photos of Season 6 point toward one of these other prisons housing the primary action in the new batch of episodes. It should be interesting to see which of the Litchfield inmates were sent to the same prison and which may have been shipped to others. It's not like there's going to be the reveal that there was a vacant prison just waiting to be filled and staffed. The women likely were split up.

If Season 6 is a bit of a soft reboot with a new location and a shuffled cast, we probably want to expect some big new characters. There will undoubtedly be new inmates for Piper and Co. to deal with as well as new officers of the law. We can really only speculate at this point, although at least we know that Orange _Is the New Black_ is getting an updated credit sequence for the new season. Check it out!

The new credits aren't actually all that different from the previous credits. Regina Spektor's "You've Got Time" still plays, the lower halves of faces still flash by, and that iconic final shot of crows flying over a wall topped with barbed wire is still there. That said, eagle-eyed fans will note differences, and hopefully that will keep them occupied during the rest of the wait for Season 6.

The new season of Orange Is the New Black will premiere on Friday, July 27 at 12:01 a.m. PT. If you're not all the way caught up on the show, be sure to try and cram in whatever you've missed of the first five seasons. For more viewing options, swing by our 2018 Netflix premiere guide and our summer TV schedule.

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