Lucifer Actress Explains Why Its Good Some Characters Are Still In The Dark About His Devil Status

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As fans of Lucifer know, even though the famous fallen angel has many secrets up his sleeve (when he actually has sleeves, anyway), one thing that he tends to be very willing to talk about when it serves his purpose is the fact that he is, truly, the Devil. But, this doesn’t mean that everyone in Lucifer’s inner circle fully believes that he’s the real Lucifer Morningstar. And, now we know that at least one member of the cast thinks that this is for the best where her character is concerned.

Aimee Garcia, who has played LAPD forensic scientist Ella Lopez since Season 2 of Lucifer, seems to think that it’s a good thing that her character doesn’t really believe that the Lucifer she knows is the actual Devil. According to Garcia, Ella and Luci’s relationship would just change too much if he decided to show her his Devil face. Here’s what she had to say when asked if it’s time for Ella to find out about Lucifer’s real status:

You know, people ask me that a lot. And, I love that she doesn’t know because she can say things like, ‘Oh, that’s right you’re the devil. A.k.a. method actor.’ So, I don’t want to take that fun away from her, especially now that Chloe knows. I love when he’s like, ‘You know, my dad, God.’ And Ella can be like, ‘Oh right, your dad, God.’

Awww. That’s actually really sweet, right? Aimee Garcia wants Ella to be able to continue to live in that blissfully ignorant dream land, into the extended Season 5, where it’s possible to believe in God and the Devil but not have personal experience with either in the flesh. Because Ella has been such a strong believer for most of the series, the alternative would probably go a long way toward really changing her relationship with Lucifer.

Having said that, though, we did see Ella have some big doubts about her life-long faith in God and the afterlife in Season 4 (which made an impressive debut on Netflix earlier this year after being cancelled at the end of Season 3 by Fox). Late in Season 4, Ella revealed to Chloe that she was in the midst of feeling like the cops and other law enforcement were the only ones who could really hold people responsible when they do bad things, because she no longer believed that Heaven and Hell were real.

So, I think we can all see how finding out about Lucifer might destroy what Aimee Garcia called the “little sister, older brother dynamic” between Lucifer and Ella.

Garcia also noted, in her talk with Entertainment Tonight, that the huggy scientist not believing Lucifer’s real identity (even though he’s told her the truth point blank many times) adds some levity to the sometimes heavy proceedings of Lucifer’s time on Earth.

I just think it’s so fun that she can rib him as just being an unemployed actor that can’t catch a break and needs a hug. And is like this really sensitive guy. I love that he’s one of the most powerful celestial beings in the history of the world and she’s like, ‘He’s really sensitive you guys.’

I mean, Aimee Garcia makes a good point. Who among us has not felt all warm and gooey inside when watching Ella interact with Luci and lay a solid hug on the buff fallen angel? See. I rest our case for Ella not needing to believe the truth!

Lucifer will be back for the fifth season, the show’s last hurrah, on Netflix in 2020, and you can watch Seasons 1 – 4 to prepare. In the meantime, be sure to see what else you can watch on the small screen early next year!

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