Lucifer Is Giving Fans A 24 Reunion When God Finally Joins The Show In Season 5

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Lucifer is heading back to Netflix for a fifth and final season this year, and while there are sure to be plenty of surprises ahead, we now have one big piece of information that's been a long time coming. For a show about the devil, heaven and hell, including all of the father issues Lucifer himself still has with his celestial old man, God has never been seen on the series before. Well, that's about to change, as 24's Dennis Haysbert will step into the big role for Season 5! Even better, this casting will reunite him with D.B. Woodside (Amenadiel), who played his brother on the Fox drama.

Dennis Haysbert, better known to 24 fans as President David Palmer, will be showing up not just once in Season 5 of Lucifer, but is said to be appearing throughout the season, which will air in two parts on Netflix. According to Entertainment Weekly, Haysbert's casting was no accident, as D.B. Woodside actually spoke to him about the part. When Haysbert proved receptive to the idea of playing the man upstairs, Woodside then went to producers, who had already had him at the top of their list for possible actors to offer the role. Looks like this 24 connection is going to pay off for all of us.

From Seasons 3 through 6, D.B. Woodside played Wayne Palmer, the younger brother of Dennis Haysbert's character, who began as his Chief of Staff. Because this is 24 that we're talking about, Wayne and David went through some ridiculous ups and downs together (including Wayne's former lover murdering David's ex-wife and then killing herself as he watched) but the two were always devoted to each other and had a strong brotherly bond. Wayne even ran for president and won after David was assassinated.

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While D.B. Woodside and Dennis Haysbert's characters were very close on 24, we don't know what God's state of mind will be like when he shows up, or why he's finally decided to grace Lucifer and Amenadiel with his presence. But, it's probably safe to say that this little family reunion won't be all bunnies and rainbows. After all, Lucifer is still mad about being cast out of heaven to rule over hell, plus he and Amenadiel, while caring for one another, have always had a bit of sibling rivalry that will likely come to the forefront once Dad is around.

We've already been told that Lucifer's final season will give us more to love in the form of some Deckerstar feels, and been teased that we might get some answers to the lingering question of how Maze and Lucifer got so close in the first place, and now we'll have a lot of additional questions to ponder about God showing up. We know that The Big Guy had Amenadiel make sure that Chloe's parents could give birth to her, will he come around to make sure that she and Luci finally act on their feelings for each other?

All will be revealed when Lucifer Season 5 hits Netflix this year. While a specific release date hasn't been set just yet, we do know when plenty of other things will hit the service in 2020, as well as when you can watch a whole host of other shows early into the new year.

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