Daniel Radcliffe Has Thoughts On Moon Knight And Joining The MCU After Harry Potter

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With Disney+ a new reality in the world of streaming, we always seem to be just moments away from a big announcement when it comes to Marvel characters with devoted followings who've never been seen in live action finally getting their chance to shine. Last August, which was actually a few months before the Disney streamer went live, D23 brought us news of three more Marvel shows, and Moon Knight, which would focus on the titular hero, was one of them. A lot of fans seem to love the idea of Daniel Radcliffe taking on the role, but he's got some news on that which might disappoint.

Daniel Radcliffe, who can currently be seen in Miracle Workers: Dark Ages on TBS, is, of course, best known for playing Harry Potter in...you know, all those Harry Potter movies, and was asked recently about the chances of him taking on any role in the MCU, and while he's not totally against it, he does have some standards that would have to be set first. Here's what he told ComingSoon about the possibility of heading back into franchise work and playing Moon Knight:

If I was ever to go back into a franchise, I think the bar for that script would be even higher than anything else. Before you can sign on to being in anything for multiple years, you have to be sure you’re really going to love it all the time. I’m not averse to doing any kind of franchise thing in the future again, that could be fun. But the Moon Knightrumors are untrue, I can officially debunk that one, I haven’t heard anything about it.

OK, so, let's start with the big bummer for all those folks who were hoping that the fan art which surfaced and had Daniel Radcliffe as Moon Knight would eventually become a reality. Radcliffe said that he hasn't heard anything about the possibility of taking on that role for the Disney+ series (and the MCU). Of course, all this really proves is that Marvel hasn't talked to him about it...so far. Who knows whether or not that will change, but anything is possible. With all the fan-casting for this character, though, even if we don't get Radcliffe in the part, another big name might bite.

And, it's not impossible, from what Daniel Radcliffe said, that we might see him as a part of the MCU or whatever the DCEU is calling itself nowadays at some point, because he's willing to give it a shot. The trick for Radcliffe, though, would be trying to make sure that whatever role he takes will be enjoyable for his entire run. That might be a pretty big ask, because, as we've seen, when actors sign on for work in a superhero franchise, you're not just looking at doing a couple of films and moving on.

Robert Downey, Jr. showed up as Tony Stark in nine Marvel movies (10 if you count his uncredited appearance in The Incredible Hulk), and those weren't just small parts, but big roles where Tony was either the main star or a major player in the action. Daniel Radcliffe knows what that kind of work is like from his 10 years and eight movies starring as Harry Potter. So, you better be as sure as possible going in that you're going to want to be along for such an extended ride with one character.

If the good people at Marvel want to get in the Daniel Radcliffe business, they're gonna have to come correct with whatever script they show him. And, I don't think anyone, even fans who'd really like to see Radcliffe play Moon Knight, can blame him for that.

We don't know when Moon Knight will hit Disney+, but his MCU cohorts The Falcon and the Winter Soldier and WandaVision will be coming to the streamer later this year. You can watch Daniel Radcliffe on Miracle Workers: Dark Ages, Tuesdays on TBS at 10:30 p.m., but for everything else you can watch now, check out our 2020 midseason guide!

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