Bachelor Spoilers: How Madison Prewett's Dad Chad Felt Watching Peter Weber's 2020 Finale

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Spoilers for the Season 24 finale of The Bachelor with Peter Weber are below!

You only have to have a casual knowledge of The Bachelor season starring Peter Weber to know that it was dramatic beyond belief. From the anxious wait for spoilers to reveal the unusual ending to when that ending finally aired, it has been an intense ride for fans. So, how did Madison Prewett’s dad feel watching the 2020 finale?

Madison’s dad, Chad Prewett (aka Coach Prewett), may have spoiled the ending of said finale. His daughter did end up with Peter Weber. A revelation that Chad’s activity on Instagram seemed to hint at. First, a quick recap, so you can understand the full context of Madison’s dad’s feelings.

In The Bachelor’s conclusion, Madison “self-eliminated” as spoiled. To the delight of Peter’s mother, Barbara, Peter ended up proposing to Hannah Ann Sluss, and she accepted. Hannah Ann’s happily ever after with Peter did not last long, though. Peter broke up with Hannah Ann and worked to reconcile with Madison. Thus, pulling a Jason Mesnick and Arie Luyendyk Jr. and changing his initial decision to instead pursue his runner-up.

Peter’s mother did not hold back, sharing how she felt about her son’s decision. She laid out her case against Madison while Madison and Peter sat in front of the live studio audience. How does Madison’s dad feel about what unfolded in The Bachelor finale, knowing that his daughter is not getting the warmest welcome from Peter’s mom? Here’s what Chad tweeted:

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Chad Prewett did not say anything about Pilot Pete by name in his tweet. All of it focused on his daughter Madison. Considering that she is working on a relationship with Peter and he expressed his support, does that mean Coach Prewett also supports her trying with Peter? He said, “Proud is an understatement.”

Madison replied to her dad’s tweet by tweeting back, “Love you so much.” Coach Prewett did not address the backlash that Madison had received from Peter’s mother. During The Bachelor’s live 2020 finale, Barb Weber said that Madison had made Peter’s family wait three hours to meet them. Peter’s family was “exhausted” after traveling all the way from Australia, only to have Madison put off meeting them.

Barb added that Madison never apologized and told Peter’s mom she was not madly in love with him and would not accept a marriage proposal. She also said that Peter would have to “fail to succeed” during The Bachelor’s finale. Madison’s dad on the other hand is clearly fully supportive of his daughter.

Is he supportive of her staying with Peter? Reality Steve's spoilers for hometown dates had mentioned that Coach Prewett never gave his blessing for Peter to marry Madison. Madison ended up walking away from Peter in the first half of The Bachelor’s finale. After Chris Harrison visited Madison to tell her that Peter had broken things off with Hannah Ann, she agreed to give her relationship with Peter another shot.

Now, the world waits to see if Madison and Peter can make a relationship work away from the watchful eye of cameras. The latest couple out of The Bachelor certainly has their work cut out for them. There were issues between them during the show. Peter admitted to being “intimate” with other women during the season. Madison did not take it well.

Despite all of the turmoil on The Bachelor, Peter has come to believe that he loves Madison and broke up with Hannah Ann to give them a go. Hannah Ann admitted there were many red flags tied to that engagement. Time will tell if Madison and Peter end up sticking together or falling apart.

Peter Weber’s season of The Bachelor is over, which can only mean one thing! This winter and spring’s premieres and Clare Crawley’s installment of The Bachelorette are next! Bachelorette Clare's journey for love premieres on Monday, May 18, at 8 p.m. ET on ABC. Season 13 of The Bachelor is streaming on Netflix along with new 2020 arrivals.

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