Netflix's The Big Show Show Has Some Good News For Fans Before Season 2 Hits

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(Image credit: Eddy Chen / Netflix)
(Image credit: Eddy Chen / Netflix)

The Big Show Show made its Netflix debut all the way back in April, and fans have yet to hear about its Season 2 fate. However, there is some incredibly good news for fans who are waiting to hear about the show's fate. At this point, the family sitcom is definitely not going the way of Netflix’s Fuller House and ending, but it will instead be returning before the year's end for a couple more adventure of note.

The show’s star to which it owes its name, The Big Show (aka Paul Wight), has told that two brand new installments are coming fans' way before the end of the year, and one of those episodes will be here pretty soon. The WWE Superstar said that the first one would arrive on August 10.

As of today (July 7), that is a little over a month away. Fans of The Big Show Show will have to wait quite a bit longer for the second new episode to arrive. In a move that could make Hallmark (Christmas TV central) stand up and take notice, The Big Show Show will return for a Christmas episode during the holiday season. Here's what the WWE behemoth had to say about it:

We're dropping another episode actually, August 10th. And I know that we have a seasonal episode, Christmas, that we're going to drop. So, right now I think with everything going on in Hollywood, they're just really slow to let everyone know. And we're a new show. So, they'll let us know. Are we all positive that we will? Yes, but it's up to Netflix. So for right now, everybody that's involved in the camp feels really positive about it

A date for the Christmas special is less specific. However, it is fair to say that late November or sometime during early December would be a safe bet for the holiday installment. In related news, The Big Show Show’s title star also indicated that hopes for Season 2 are high. It is just a matter of an official announcement being declared before more big questions can be answered.

Hopefully, a confirmation will arrive soon for everyone’s sake. The first season featured some rather huge cameos from the wrestling community, and only time will tell if the producers will double down on those for Season 2. Regardless, The Big Show Show will be back for special summer- and winter-time episodes, which is a development that should tide fans over as they wait for Season 2.

In speaking to why there had not been an official announcement yet, The Big Show Show’s star pointed to ongoing complications set forth by the coronavirus pandemic, an ordeal that has led to the suspension of production earlier this year and continues to wreak havoc far outside the entertainment industry. That said, television is slowly finding its way back with shows such as The Bachelorette and certain Marvel series planning their returns.

When you consider the impact of the coronavirus pandemic on the industry, it is unclear when fans would get to see Season 2 of The Big Show Show if it does get renewed. It has to get that green light and then return to production, making a specific premiere date almost entirely impossible to guess. For perspective, Netflix’s The Witcher is returning to production on August 17, but that is in the UK, and is a show that relies far more on post-production effects.

It is tough to say when The Big Show Show could make its return to production if and when Season 2 gets the go-ahead. The Big Show Show’s Netflix neighbor, Stranger Things, recently took a huge step forward. Here is hoping that the family comedy is readying for its return in the same capacity. In the meantime, fans can remain hyped for those two new episodes this year.

The first season of The Big Show Show is currently streaming on Netflix. Its next two new episodes will be among 2020’s premieres. If you need something to watch with your family while waiting for those upcoming installments, feel free to peruse this summer’s schedule.

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