The Crown Fans Will Be Waiting A While For Season 5 To Hit Netflix

The Crown Olivia Colman Elizabeth II Netflix

The Crown Olivia Colman Elizabeth II Netflix

(Image credit: Sophie Mutevelian / Netflix)

The Crown fans are in for a longer wait than they expected for Season 5 to hit Netflix. The royally disappointing news comes as Netflix has both taken away and given when it comes to the show. At one point, Season 5 was slated to be The Crown’s final season before a change of heart put it back on track to end with Season 6.

Now, Deadline is reporting that fans will not get to see the penultimate season of The Crown until 2022. Why on earth is it going to take two more years before fans get reunited with Queen Elizabeth II and her corgis? In this case, you cannot blame the coronavirus pandemic for Season 5’s delay.

In a pre-planned development, The Crown is not going to be able to get cameras rolling on Imelda Staunton’s first season as Queen Elizabeth II until June 2021. Despite filming next year, Season 5 will presumably not be able to get the magic necessary for its return finished until the following year. In related news, Season 6 is said to start shooting in 2022.

So, hopefully, there will not be a grave gap between Season 5 and 6, like the one The Crown will have between Season 4 and 5. Fans of the royally sumptuous Netflix drama are used to waiting to return to the life and times of its subjects.

The wait between Season 2 and Season 3 (which saw Olivia Colman take over as Queen Elizabeth II), took an arduous two years to make it to the screen. The Crown’s fourth season is still slated to arrive later this year, creating a two-year gap between Season 4 and Season 5.

Interestingly, every time a sizable gap has occurred between The Crown’s seasons, it has been ahead of installments when the cast had an overhaul. Season 5 will see Harry Potter’s Imelda Staunton take on the role of Queen Elizabeth II. In a related development, Oscar-nominee Lesley Manville will take the tiara from Helena Bonham-Carter to play Princess Margaret.

While the wait is a big blow to fans, The Crown will be back later this year with the beginning of the royal drama that surrounds Princess Diana and Prince Charles. Yes, Princess Diana is coming. Whatever Season 4 reveals about that relationship, it should be dramatic enough to keep fans wanting more when Season 5 eventually arrives.

The Crown is just the latest in a long line of shows holding off on resuming production, albeit in its case without being impacted by the coronavirus pandemic. Considering the pandemic, will they have to return with “latex mannequins” in hand for intimate scenes? Whatever it takes, I suppose. Unfortunately, some royal drama will not get addressed by the series. There will still be tons of thrilling stuff to get into, though. Thank goodness The Crown was able to complete filming on Season 4 before the coronavirus pandemic upended everything.

Time will tell what the future holds for The Crown as it continues to assemble new cast members for Season 5. The coronavirus pandemic is not stopping Game of Thrones’ prequel spinoff from getting the casting process underway, so why should it impact The Crown’s?

You can currently stream the first three seasons of The Crown on Netflix. The series’ fourth season is currently expected to be among the streamer’s 2020 premieres. Season 5 is now slated to arrive in 2022. While you wait for the much-anticipated royal drama to unfold, check out this fall’s schedules to stay entertained.

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