New Amsterdam Boss Promises Surprising Revelations For Helen Sharpe In Season 3

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New Amsterdam is one of several NBC series not returning this fall in light of the coronavirus pandemic. The medical drama was one of many impacted when an industry-wide shutdown hit earlier this year. It ended up signing off early, leaving a gaping hole in the hearts of many viewers. The good news? When New Amsterdam returns for Season 3, it will come bearing surprising revelations for fan-favorite Helen Sharpe.

When New Amsterdam left off, Dr. Helen Sharpe had embarked on a relationship with series newcomer, Dr. Cassian Shin (played by Daniel Dae Kim). Professionally and personally speaking, Helen’s life seemed to be on an upswing of gigantic proportions. So, what are the surprising revelations that Season 3 has in store for her? New Amsterdam’s executive producer, David Schulner, told TVLine:

You’re going to learn everything you ever wanted to know about Helen Sharpe. Follow Sharpe home? Check! A family bombshell? Check! Someone sharing Sharpe’s bed? Check! All these revelations will not only surprise the audience, but they’ll surprise Sharpe’s closest friends at New Amsterdam. How well do they know her? How well does Sharpe know herself?

Now, this is an explosive tease, and it sounds as though fans have a lot to anticipate when Season 3 premieres. New Amsterdam will be venturing home with Helen Sharpe and unleashing a “family bombshell.” The only thing that viewers have already seen quasi-hinted at, heading into Season 3, from this multi-faceted tease is the “someone” sharing Helen’s bed. Dr. Cassian Shin seemed to have that lofty spot as of the finale.

Of course, things could shift on that front, following Dr. Max Goodwin’s breakup with his girlfriend. Could any New Amsterdam fan possibly forget the intense near-kiss that Helen and Max shared last season? Exactly. That is not to say that Cassian Shin will not be a huge presence for Helen in Season 3. Executive producer David Schulner had previously teased Helen’s romance with the invigorating doctor.

Daniel Dae Kim’s introductory episode ended up getting rolled into last season’s finale, and he made a strong impression. As for Helen, she will have to navigate Cassian’s tense relationship with Max as they work side by side in New Amsterdam’s titular hospital. A “loaded” dynamic between the potential romantic rivals for Helen’s heart has already been teased, so stay tuned. Romance aside, that familial revelation also sounds quite intriguing.

New Amsterdam has teased shocking reveals for Helen in the past, but this one seems to be regarding Helen’s current family rather than her desire to start her own, as Helen’s eagerness to be a mother is something the show has dealt with in the past. It sounds like there will be further drilling into Helen’s family life, and I am here for it in spades. I cannot wait! Let more fascinating Helen storylines continue.

Fans curious to learn more about Helen’s home, family, and romantic life are getting their wishes answered. Following the previous season’s finale, is the love triangle this fan clamored for happening, too? This latest tease does not seem to preclude the possibility, so that is positive. Time will tell if the same person sharing Helen’s bed at the start of the season will be the same one sharing it at the end.

New Amsterdam Season 3 is currently set to arrive at some point on NBC next year, during 2021’s winter/spring schedule. You can watch Helen’s past storylines by streaming the first two seasons of the medical drama on NBCUniversal’s streaming platform, Peacock.

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