15 Fun Rick And Morty Gift Ideas For Fans Of The Adult Swim Series

Homeless Santa and Rick Sanchez on Rick and Morty

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The Holiday Season is upon us once again and whether you are one who celebrates Christmas, Hanukkah, or the Jerry Smith-coined “Human Holiday,” now is the time to start thinking about what gifts your family members or friends have put on their wish lists. If any of these loved ones of yours also consider themselves fans of a particularly popular Adult Swim animated series, we have you covered with a planet’s worth of Rick and Morty gifts recommended below for you to choose from.

From the mind of Justin Roiland (who also provides the voices for the titular duo) and Community creator Dan Harmon, Rick and Morty started off as a parody of Doc Brown and Marty McFly’s relationship Back to the Future that eventually, and surprisingly, evolved into one of the most celebrated science fiction series of all time. Now, after seven years and four (soon to be five) seasons under its belt, rarely is it difficult to identify a fan in a crowd from their Portal Gun key-chains, Mr. Meeseeks baseball caps, or even a full-sized Pickle Rick costume they have not taken off since Halloween.

Other than the overly committed cosplay (hopefully), I would imagine that the Rick and Morty fan in your life may already own and proudly flaunt that sort of merchandise. Therefore, if you really want to show them what you got, you need to make sure your gift to them this year is something original, practical, and, above all, squanch. Prepare to get schwifty this Christmas with this 15 Rick-tastic ideas, starting with one item that is especially appropriate for the season.

Rick and Morty Christmas Tree Ornaments

Perfect Your Rick-mas Tree With These Rick And Morty Ornaments

In the event that your close friend or family member (who happens to be a Rick and Morty fan, too) ever mentioned that their Christmas tree seemed incomplete, it could be because they did not have this pair of officially licensed ornaments. The figures are made of resin, modeled after the titular grandfather-grandson duo, and come ready to hang on the tree with an included string. There is also another set available with Rick and Morty in more festive attire or a Pickle Rick ornament, too, for a funny spin on an old holiday tradition.

Buy the Rick and Morty ornament set on Amazon here, the Holiday-Themed ornament set on Amazon here, or the Pickle Rick ornament on Amazon here.

Rick and Morty Ugly Christmas Sweater

Keep Warm With This Rick-diculously Ugly Rick And Morty Sweater

Speaking of holiday traditions, what better way for your beloved Rick and Morty fan to express their love for the show but an old fashioned, ugly sweater? The officially licensed, mostly cotton item pays reference to the series’ first Christmas - ahem - “Human Holiday” episode with Rick, Morty, and the Santa suit-clad homeless man who became the site of Anatomy Park printed not the sweater in acrylic.

Buy it on Amazon here.

Rick and Morty Anatomy Park T-Shirt

Give A Rick And Morty Fan A Memento From Their Anatomy Park Visit

Speaking of Rick and Morty’s “Anatomy Park” episode from Season 1, would it not be cool to give your close fan proof that they visited this strange, innovative attraction? This T-shirt bearing the fictional amusement park’s logo, which comes in various colors and sizes, should do the trick and might also go well with the Jurassic Park T-shirt they may already. I mean, doesn’t everybody?

Buy it on Amazon here.

Rick and Morty Anatomy Park Board Game

Have A Rick-tastic Time At Anatomy Park With This Board Game

Now, if you really wanted to give your loved one a more genuine experience of visiting “Anatomy Park,” the closest they may get to the real thing is through this board game based on the classic episode. Of course, this is only one of many home game items inspired by Rick and Morty, which also has its own edition of Monopoly available - but, then again, doesn’t everything?

Buy Rick and Morty: Anatomy Park - The Game on Amazon here and Rick and Morty Monopoly on Amazon here.

Rick and Morty Pickle Rick Wallet

Store Your Rick-les And Dimes In This Pickle Rick Wallet

Speaking of Monopoly, one great benefit of that otherwise (literally) taxing board game is how effectively it prepares you for the challenges of the financial world. And, speaking of finance, when the Rick and Morty fan in your life is out and about, it would be wise to carry some extra cash around in this bi-fold wallet designed to resemble Rick in his iconic “Pickle Rick” form with green polyurethane leather.

Buy it on Amazon here.

Rick and Morty Portal Gun Umbrella

Escape A Tor-Rick-tial Downpour With This Rick And Morty Portal Gun Umbrella

It is also wise when someone is out and about to carry an umbrella if there is a chance of rain, but this particular umbrella gives your beloved Rick and Morty fan an even cooler advantage. The 36” canopy with a swirling, green design unfolds by the push of a button on the handle modeled after Rick’s trusty portal gun, which essentially looks like the owner is opening a portal to escape a sudden shower with each use.

Buy it on Amazon here.

Rick and Morty Shower Curtain

Rick-fresh Yourself Behind This Rick And Morty Shower Curtain

A Rick and Morty fan can also create the illusion of interdimensional travel during showers that they prepare themselves at home. In addition to creating privacy, this 72” x 72” shower curtain made of water resistant polyester is also a great decorative item for the bathroom with a beautiful design depicting Rick and Morty’s silhouettes strolling through a cosmic wonderland.

Buy it on Amazon here.

Rick and Morty Spaceship Lamp

Keep The Cos-Rick Trip Going With This Rick And Morty Lamp

After a shower, perhaps the Rick and Morty fan in your life wants to finish up some office work (or school work) or even relax with a game on their PC. Whatever their journey may be, you can help them light the way with this lamp, modeled after Rick’s spaceship, which sits on a posable arm to conveniently aim the beam wherever they please. It plugs directly into a laptop via USB or into a compatible wall outlet adapter to use as a nightlight for younger fans.

Buy it on Amazon here.

Rick and Morty Windshield Sunshade

Block The Screaming Sun With This Rick And Morty Windshield Shade

Admittedly, if I was the Rick and Morty fan you were selecting a gift for, I would want to receive an actual, life-size replica of Rick’s spaceship. Of course, that would be a massive undertaking, but making the inside of your loved one’s vehicle resemble the ship with this sunshade might suffice. Not to mention, the accordion-style shade fits over the windshield of most cars to protect the interior from UV rays.

Buy it from Hot Topic here.

Rick and Morty Chia Pet

Grow Your Own Rick Or Morty With These Rick And Morty Chia Pets

As far as home decor goes, the Rick and Morty fan you know probably has some unique wall art or collectible figurines, but what about something that is alive? I am not suggesting you give them a Plumbus or anything like that, but I think a Chia Pet molded after Rick’s head would be really funny. You could also get a Morty Chia Pet separately or in a full set so your loved one can claim the afro’d duo resides in their home.

Buy it on Amazon here.

Rick and Morty Fleece Throw Blanket

Curl Up In Some Iconic Rick And Morty Moments With This Blanket

Reminiscing about the best episodes of Rick and Morty among fans always manages to bring back some warm memories from the show. Why not bring a more literal sense that phrase with this comfortable fleece throw blanket? It comes in a couple different sizes and with three uniquely epic designs inspired by the show to choose from.

Buy it on Amazon here.

Rick and Morty Meeseeks Box Coffee Mug

Look At This Mr. Meeseeks Coffee Mug

What goes better with blanketed relaxation time than a nice cup of warm tea? Furthermore, what would go better with a Rick and Morty blanket than a Rick and Morty mug to sip your hot beverage? For that I recommend this ceramic, 20-ounce mug shaped like a Meeseeks Box that reveals a little Mr. Meeseeks living inside when you remove its lid.

Buy it on Amazon here.

Rick and Morty Tiki Mugs

Have A Ricki Tiki Time With These Epic Rick And Morty Mugs

While we are on the subject of beverage containers, I do not believe I have ever seen such an item inspired Rick and Morty as unique as this one. This officially licensed ceramic mug from from Geeki Tikis holds 15 ounces and resembles how tribal natives might design their tiki totem if they made Rick their god (which has probably happened at some point, so you can technically consider this canon). You could also give it to your loved one as a set with a Morty tiki and a Pickle Rick tiki.

Buy the Rick Tiki Mug on Amazon here, the Morty Tiki Mug on Amazon here, and the Pickle Rick Tiki Mug on Amazon here.

Rick and Morty Szechuan Sauce Shot Glass

Dip Your Mulan McNugget Sauce With This Rick And Morty Shot Glass

There are two types of Rick and Morty fans: those who went above and beyond to score some Szechuan Sauce once the Mulan-inspired McDonald’s condiment became a Season 3 plot point and those who wish to forget about that dark time over a stiff drink. Why not appeal to both sides with this shot glass that also doubles as a dipping sauce cup and comes in a keepsake, Chinese-takeout box?

Buy it on Amazon here.

Rick and Morty Coasters

Don’t Leave A Ring On The Table With These Rick And Morty Drink Coasters

While both ends of this fascinating moment in Rick and Morty history can toast to their newly found civility, they can also make sure not to damage the surfaces on which they set their drinks down with this set of cardboard coasters. It comes in a pack of four, each bearing an animated, 3-D image of a favorite character (including Mr. Poopybutthole and a group of Meeseeks) in front of a projection from Rick’s Portal Gun.

Buy it on Amazon here.

What do you think? Do those 3-D coasters sound like a perfect gift for your loved one, or do you think they would actually be too entranced by the design to actually place a drink on them? Let us know in the comments and be sure to check back for additional information and updates on Rick and Morty, as well as even more of our own gift guides for pop culture obsessives, here on CinemaBlend.

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