A-Rod Gets Trolled About Jennifer Lopez Again, This Time By Red Sox Fans

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The celebrity supercouple once known as J. Rod (that’s Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez, for those who’ve been occupied with other interests recently) have been broken up since the middle of April. It was just a few weeks later that Lopez rekindled her relationship with a different former fiancé, Ben Affleck, and set the world of celeb romance shippers and internet gossip on fire. In the months since, though, Lopez and Rodriguez have continued to be linked through a number of trolling incidents. Now, the former New York Yankees player has been trolled about Lopez by Red Sox fans.

We all know that breaking up can be hard to do, but it would seem that it’s even harder when millions of strangers knew about your union and have both opinions about that breakup and knowledge of exactly how to stick it to you whenever possible. Alex Rodriguez was working as a commentator for the MLB playoffs recently as the Boston Red Sox faced off against the Houston Astros, and found himself the target of a serious trolling by Red Sox fans, when they began chanting “J.Lo” at him. Take a look at the video posted to Twitter, and we can discuss, below!

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Man, these folks don’t play! If you don’t know your baseballs from your Bennifers, you might not be aware of just how deep this trolling goes. Obviously, the Lopez / Rodriguez breakup came with some rumors, as he was accused of cheating on the famed actress / singer / dancer, and soon saw the relationship end and her return to her long-ago love, Ben Affleck, quickly after. 

But! Affleck is a die hard Red Sox fan, and the intense rivalry between the Sox and Rodriguez’s former team, the Yankees, goes way back to 1919. Making his appearance at this game (even in a neutral capacity as a commentator), the perfect storm for these fans when it came to trolling opportunities. We don't know how Rodriguez reacted to the chanting, but even if he carried on as usual, it probably wasn't fun for him.

This is the latest in what is now a near constant line of trolling (or just general weirdness) over this whole Jennifer Lopez / Alex Rodriguez / Ben Affleck non-love triangle. Back in June, someone decided to prank the former baseball superstar by sending three pricey pizzas to the home he was staying at in the Hamptons, which just so happened to be near Lopez’s own residence in the area. That wasn’t the end of the prank, though, as this jokester got their troll on by ordering under the name “Ben Afflec.” 

While Lopez is more occupied with work and her renewed romance with the real Affleck, Rodriguez also seemed to get in on some trolling in August, when he posted a photo of himself with three of his fancy cars and in the caption said “I'm super down to earth.” However, fans noticed that one of those cars appeared to be the red Porshe he gifted Lopez for her 50th birthday, making it look like a subtle trolling. 

It would seem that fans can’t quite get over how fast Jennifer Lopez moved on after leaving Alex Rodriguez behind, but at least he appears to have a decent sense of humor about the whole thing.

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