Blake Shelton Gleefully Reveals Why He Didn't Invite Adam Levine To His Wedding

As Blake Shelton prepares to spend his first Christmas as Gwen Stefani’s husband, he can’t seem to shake one ghost from his past. Adam Levine, former coach of The Voice and constant Shelton rival, famously didn’t receive an invitation to the musical duo’s July nuptials, despite being a witness to their budding romance as coaches on the NBC singing competition. Shelton recently (and gleefully) revealed the reason for that.

Back in April, Adam Levine appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show and talked about Blake Shelton’s upcoming wedding to Gwen Stefani, joking that he didn’t “support their marriage” because Stefani was so much cooler than Shelton and that he was going to attend the wedding to object. The country singer made his own appearance on Ellen, five months since he and the pop icon tied the knot and said that those comments were the very reason the Maroon 5 singer didn’t get the invite:

That’s the reason we didn’t invite him to the wedding, that interview he did on your show. I’m like, ‘I’m not inviting him.’

I’m going to say he's in the right on this one. If someone straight up says they’re going to crash your wedding and stand up and object to your union, it’s probably best to make sure they’re not there. Of course, there’s no way the "Beautiful Mistakes" singer would have really gone through with his plan, as Blake Shelton admitted that he and his "rival" really are friends who just like to mess with each other. 

The country star went on to say his big day with Gwen Stefani was really small — less than 30 people were present, including staff working the event — which was probably the real reason Adam Levine and the rest of The Voice family weren’t present (well, except Carson Daly, who officiated the wedding). But that reason is way less fun, and Blake Shelton, who never misses a chance to drag his frenemy, is still giddy about being able to hold that over Levine:

Purposely did not invite Adam Levine to my wedding, and I think it’s funny.

Like the singer’s rivalry with Kelly Clarkson on The Voice, the squabbling between him and Adam Levine is all in good fun — which is probably part of the reason fans like it so much. There’s no real animosity there. But it’s always enjoyable to see what the "Nobody But You" singer is going to come up with. Check out his interview with Ellen DeGeneres below:

Blake Shelton may be the instigator in many of his conflicts with Adam Levine, but the not-facially-tattooed rock star is no angel himself. Levine threw an F-bomb at Shelton this summer when Maroon 5’s tour sold more tickets than the country superstar’s, and in the same interview where he talked about Shelton’s wedding, Levine admitted that he missed working with Shelton on The Voice where they had ample opportunity to spar. 

As for Blake Shelton, he’s still going strong 10 years into the singing competition. The OG coach of the series might be headed for his ninth victory as Season 21 nears the end, as he had more artists remaining than the other coaches going into the Semifinals. Team Blake stands with three singers remaining — including the resilient Wendy Moten — in comparison to Kelly Clarkson and John Legend’s teams, which have two apiece, and Ariana Grande’s one.

The Voice continues at 8 p.m. December 7 on NBC, and be sure to check out our 2022 TV schedule to look ahead and see what's coming at the start of the new year.

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