Britney Spears Posts Video Of Outfit She Says Her Husband Hates: ‘Oh Well’

Britney Spears had a little fun on social media over the weekend and dropped a video of herself in a few outfits, one of which she designed and styled herself. It’s obvious in the clip she’s having the absolute best time, but apparently not everyone enjoys the looks as much as her. The comments on the pop singer’s Instagram are turned off so we don’t know what fans think, but we do know what her husband Sam Asghari thinks and it’s a big thumbs down from him.

In a caption connected to her post, Britney Spears wrote Asghari thinks the “black outfit” is “bad.” He apparently told her “hates” the video she posted, but he didn’t provide enough detail because the singer is “confused” about why he’s not into it. Honestly, I’m a little confused too. I think it’s actually a lot of fun, especially with the blazer and the fun clutch. Maybe he thinks the slit is too high? You can check it out below and decide for yourself…

It’s unclear where she got the first outfit, but Spears said she designed the one with the diamonds and the slip. She apparently found the front piece for $170 and then got a lady to sew in the slip behind it so she could wear it as a dress. According to the caption, she designed a few more outfits, but sadly, we haven’t seen them on social yet. Hopefully she’ll show them off in future videos. Maybe her husband will like those more. Or maybe he won’t. Either way, we’ll see them if Britney wants to post them.

That’s what we’ve learned about Spears following the end of her conservatorship. She spent more than a decade with other people running her life and making all her choices. So, now she seems determined to do what she wants to do, though she's occasionally less silly than she'd like. Sometimes that freedom means airing out some dirty laundry about her family relationships. Sometimes it means posting photos that are a little racier. Asghari has said publicly he’d prefer she stayed away from the NSFW shots, but it’s Spears’ life and she’s gonna live how she sees fit. And sometimes that means posting an outfit like this one he's not into. As she said in her post, "Oh well." 

Exactly how well that is going depends on who you talk to. Rumors have been swirling following a restaurant storm out that those close to her, including her husband, allegedly planned an intervention. They were reportedly going to have her live inside a rented house for a few months while she dealt with a “substance abuse problem,” but whatever was supposed to happen apparently never happened. She says she’s fine, and Asghari released a public statement saying Spears is capable of making her own medical choices.

That’s a topic for a different day though. For today, it’s all about Britney Spears’ sense of style. The video was taken while she was getting ready for a night out at the high end Japanese restaurant Nobu. She later called it “the best night,” though it’s unclear if she ended up wearing that black outfit her husband hates, the one with the diamonds or another choice entirely. Regardless, I'm sure she looked fabulous. 

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