Despite Kanye West’s Plea To Reconcile, It Looks Like Kim Kardashian Has Taken The Next Step To Become Single

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Kim Kardashian officially filed for divorce from husband Kanye West in late February, but it wasn't until after a near eight months of radio silence that the public began to learn how they really seem to feel about the proceedings. Specifically from West. The notorious rapper has actually made quite a few pleas for reconciliation with who he still refers to as his wife. However, he might need to drop that label here soon, because Kardashian has taken the next step to become legally single.

To be fair, Kanye West is leaving it all out on the court, so to speak, in his bid to win his spouse's affections back. On his tenth studio album, Donda, he seemingly copped to cheating on the reality star, which would mark the first act of any public ownership to the alleged misdeed. Then West took to his social media with a “Thanksgiving Prayer” that described in great detail how he has failed Kardashian over the years – from refusing to take his bipolar medications to embarrassing her on his now-defunct presidential campaign trail. At a recent benefit concert, alongside former rival Drake, West also switched up an old “Runaway” lyric of his in a direct appeal to “Kimberly.”

All that said, Kimberly Kardashian apparently isn't deterred by all the efforts of her soon-to-be ex-husband. According to TMZ, the Keeping Up with the Kardashians star filed documents in court that request custody and property issues be separated from marital status. If approved by the judge, she would legally be considered single as opposed to still married. Evidently, too, she's asking for her maiden name to be reinstated. So Ye possibly needs to up the ante in his reconciliation attempts.

Ye, this isn't the first time that the SKIMS founders has appeared to be moving onwards and upwards in the wake of the divorce. Though she did credit the father of her four kids for his wide-ranging influence during both her SNL monologue and her Fashion Icon Award speech at the People’s Choice Awards, she also joked in the former that the divorce was only because of his “personality.” The fact that she also did not want the rapper referring to her as his "wife," was also a sign of her desire to move on.

And even though the future Hulu headliner is just now officially asking for single marital status, she has supposedly already jumped into the dating world again. She has been linked a number of times with Saturday Night Live alum Pete Davidson, but they have both been cagey about whether they're actually romantic or just platonic friends.

Whatever the case may be, it's definitely not looking so good for Kanye West. He's reportedly already lost the Hidden Hills mansion in the divorce. Potentially losing one’s spouse to Pete Davidson on top of it sounds like salt in the wounds. But for the infamous personality,  it might just be too late to apologize.

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