Every Surprise Song Taylor Swift Plays On The Eras Tour

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Over the course of three hours, Taylor Swift takes Swifties on a journey through all her eras by way of 44 songs, elaborate sets, sparkly costumes, fun dance moves and epic vocals. However, two of the songs featured each night during The Eras Tour change, as the pop star switches up her acoustic set for every show. So, with that in mind, we've created a guide to all the surprise songs featured on the pop star's tour.

While fans who survived the Ticketmaster fiasco know they’ll be seeing Swift honor her grandmother during “marjorie,” dive into her stage and do the viral “Bejeweled” TikTok dance, what they don’t know is the surprise songs they’ll get. Swift has a discography that currently includes 198 songs, and with 42 on the permanent setlist, per Variety, that leaves 156 left to play. So, as she embarks on the US leg of her tour, which includes 52 stops, she’ll have a chance to play 104 songs that aren’t featured the majority of the time. 

As The Eras Tour goes on, we’ll be sure to keep you updated on everything secret song related, so you can relive performances of your favorite Swift songs or try to predict which surprise songs you’ll see at your show. 

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mirrorball – Glendale, Arizona – March 17

The first surprise song Swifties got on the Eras Tour was “mirrorball.” The song from folklore is a big fan-favorite, and many Swifties showed up to the concert dressed as the sparkly decoration. The song is a fascinating examination of Taylor Swift and her relationship with fame. Fans have also resonated with the song, and they understandably lost it when she started strumming the chords to the tune on her guitar. 


♬ original sound - ariel miranda ♪

Tim McGraw – Glendale, Arizona – March 17

Fittingly, the second song Swift surprised the audience with was her first single and the song that put her name on the map. She moved over to the piano to play “Tim McGraw” from her debut album, and Swifties couldn’t help but sing along to the lyrics from this OG Taylor Swift classic. 

this is me trying – Glendale, Arizona – March 18

Night two brought some deeper cuts to the Eras stage, as Swift started by singing “this is my trying” from folklore. She played the melancholic song on her guitar, and many fans were in shock that the singer played two beloved songs off her folky album on nights one and two of the tour. 


♬ original sound - Lauren Nicole

State of Grace – Glendale, Arizona – March 18

Following “this is me trying” Swift went on to play a personal favorite of mine from Red (Taylor’s Version). As she took to the piano she played a stripped-down version of “State of Grace (Taylor’s Version),” and as one fan commented on TikTok, it was like a “religious experience.” 

Taylor Swift twirling in a flowy dusty pink dress

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Our Song – Las Vegas, Nevada – March 24

The secret songs picked for Las Vegas started with a banger as Taylor Swift played her first smash-hit song “Our Song” on her guitar. Swifties lost their minds hearing the throwback tune, and for all of us who weren’t at the concert, we’re hoping she’ll “play it again.” 


♬ original sound - ariannapesci

Snow on the Beach – Las Vegas, Nevada – March 24

While Swift has become known for bringing out special guests to perform songs with her, that did not happen when she sang “Snow on the Beach.” The track from Midnights features Lana Del Rey, and while fans were hoping for a guest appearance, the headliner made it clear that there wouldn't be guests at this particular show: 

I’m going to talk about another artist, but that artist is not here, OK? This is not a bit, I’m not going to bring somebody out, you are stuck with me. We do not have guests at this show.

So, while fans didn’t get to see Lana Del Rey live, they still got to bask in a beautiful rendition of “Snow on the Beach” in Las Vegas. 

cowboy like me (ft. Marcus Mumford) – Las Vegas, Nevada – March 25

There may not have been a guest on night one of Swift’s Vegas shows, but there was on night two! Fans were elated when Marcus Mumford walked onto the stage to play “cowboy like me” off of evermore with Swift. The two played the tune on their guitars, and they seemed to have a blast together. Swift even stopped the song at one point to poke fun at her duet partner. Overall, it was a real tour highlight, and it marked a major milestone as Mumford was the first special guest of The Eras Tour.  


♬ original sound - catthy

White Horse – Las Vegas, Nevada – March 25

On top of the special guest appearance in Vegas on night two, Swift used her second song to play a fan-favorite off of Fearless (Taylor’s Version) as she connected “White Horse” to “cowboy like me” by saying “cowboys ride horses.” The envy was high for Swifties who weren’t at the show as she started playing “White Horse” on the piano, but nonetheless, it was a beautiful performance of a Taylor Swift classic. 


♬ original sound - Remi Cruz

Taylor Swift performs in a glitter blazer and sparkly boots at the Taylor Swift "The Eras Tour" held at Allegiant Stadium on March 24, 2023 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

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Sad Beautiful Tragic – Arlington, Texas – March 31 

Night one in Arlington, Texas featured the song "Sad Beautiful Tragic" off of Red (Taylor's Version). This marks the second time the singer picked a song off said album to be one of her secret songs, and fans loved it, even if they were balling through the entire tune.

Ours – Arlington, Texas – March 31

This one was special, this one was "Ours," and it marked the first time Swift played a song off Speak Now during her secret set. She slowed the song down a tad for piano, and she played the hit beautifully, and while fans were trying "not to worry [their] pretty little mind," they were understandably freaking out. 


♬ original sound - Francis Dominic

Death By A Thousand Cuts – Arlington, Texas – April 1

Hang onto your valuables guys, gals and non-binary pals, because Taylor Swift shook the stadium, and TikTok, when she played "Death by a Thousand Cuts" off Lover. The fan-favorite song inspired by the movie Someone Great is so iconic, especially the bridge, that Swift played the moment twice on guitar. However, the second time she messed it up (though I think the flub was intentional), and her rule on the surprise songs is if she messes one up, she will play it again at another show. So, I guess that means we'll be getting this legendary Lover tune again.


♬ original sound - kellie

Clean – Arlington, Texas – April 1

Swift dedicated "Clean" to her opener Gracie Abrams since the "adorable" singer had asked the pop star if she'd play the song off of 1989 during her surprise set. The audience lost their minds as the first notes were played, and this moment marked the first time a song from 1989 was featured in this segment of the Eras tour. 

Jump Then Fall – Arlington, Texas – April 2

Night 3 in Arlington was a historic performance for Taylor Swift, as she became the first person to ever play three nights in a row at the stadium in Texas. So, to commemorate the evening, she played two songs off the (Taylor's Version) albums, including one of my favorites "Jump Then Fall" which is from Fearless (Taylor's Version).

The Lucky One – Arlington, Texas – April 2

The Swifties in Arlington really were the lucky ones as Swift capped off her surprise songs for Texas with "The Lucky One" off of Red (Taylor's Version). She played a slowed-down version of the song on the piano, and let's just say if I would have been there I would not "have made it out alive," and I would have very much felt like the "Lucky One." 

Taylor Swift and Aaron Dessner performing together in Tampa

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Speak Now – Tampa, Florida – April 13

Taylor Swift was hardcore teasing the release of Speak Now (Taylor's Version) during her first night in Tampa. However, the biggest tease came when she grabbed her guitar and started her secret songs set by saying:

One of my albums has been on my mind a lot, I've been thinking about it, there's lots going on in my brain about it. So I thought I might play the title track of that album.

As many fans, took to TikTok to post the clip of Swift singing this song, viewers freaked out, because this performance alludes to the theory that the singer's next re-recording is coming sooner than later. 


♬ original sound - Beto Carzo

Treacherous – Tampa, Florida – April 13

Song No. 2 came by way of Red (Taylor's Version) as the singer introduced the song "Treacherous." Swift mused about how the tune is one of her favorite songs, and she also mentioned that she didn't think she'd played it on a piano before. Well, she sounded fabulous, and everyone absolutely loved hearing the stripped-down version of the track. 

The Great War – Tampa, Florida – April 14

The second guest has entered the chat. For her surprise set, Taylor Swift brought out her Midnights 3 a.m. Edition collaborator Aaron Dessner. The member of The National came out to accompany the pop star during her performance of "The Great War," and the crowd loved it. 

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You're On Your Own Kid – Tampa, Florida – April 14

In a first for the Eras Tour, Swift decided to play two songs off the same album for her surprise set. She also decided to change the rules, saying that if the song is off Midnights, she can play it however many times she pleases. This version of "You're On Your Own Kid," was not only emotional and heartfelt, it also changed the rules of the acoustic set. 

Mad Woman – Tampa, Florida – April 15

For the second night in a row, Swift brought out Aaron Dessner, who has collaborated with her on many albums. This time, the duo sat at the piano together and played "Mad Woman," a deep cut off folklore

Mean – Tampa, Florida – April 15

The big, and very exciting, surprise of the night, was Swift singing "Mean," one of the massive hits off Speak Now. She commented that she wanted to play a song that everyone would be able to scream along to, and the crowd did exactly that as the popstar continued to hardcore tease the release of Speak Now (Taylor's Version). 


♬ original sound - Sydney Russo

Taylor Swift on the opening night of the Eras Tour

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Wonderland – Houston, Texas – April 21

Taylor Swift started off Houston's secret songs with a deep cut from 1989. She mentioned that it was a song she hadn't played often live, and then said the song was based on a "twisted Alice in Wonderland." Then she strummed the first notes of "Wonderland," and the crowd lost it. 

You're Not Sorry – Houston, Texas – April 21

Swift added another song from Fearless (Taylor's Version) to the list of secret tunes she's played at the Eras Tour. As she took to the piano, she explained how much she's been loving the secret songs, touched on her re-recorded albums, and said she "re-fell in love" with "You're Not Sorry" while remaking Fearless

A Place In This World – Houston, Texas – April 22

The song might be from Taylor Swift, her first album, however during her surprise set, the singer admitted that she relates to "A Place In This World," more now than she did all those years ago, saying: 

I wrote it when I was 13, but I think I relate to it more now, 20 years later.


♬ original sound - jp_in_Austin

She also explained that she very rarely plays the song live, so the crowd was really in for a special performance with this song. 

Today Was A Fairytale – Houston, Texas – April 22

Following "A Place In This World," the singer ended her set with another throwback. Pulling a song off Fearless (Taylor's Version), Swift referenced one of her movies by playing "Today Was A Fairytale" off the Valentine's Day soundtrack and it was such a sweet moment.

Begin Again – Houston, Texas – April 23

On her final night in Houston, Swift started her surprise set with "Begin Again," off of Red (Taylor's Version). While fans are excited and loud with every song she plays, the screaming in this video was particularly loud, showing the love for this deep cut. 

Cold As You – Houston, Texas – April 23

Swift ended her time in Texas with a bold claim and a performance of another track off Debut. While figuring out the key to the song, the singer explained that "Cold As You" was her best song on the album, saying "no shade to the other songs." 

Taylor Swift performing Karma in pink fringe jacket on the Eras Tour.

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The Other Side Of The Door – Atlanta, Georgia – April 28

Taylor Swift's Atlanta surprise songs began with her signing a deep cut from Fearless (Taylor's Version). While playing "The Other Side of the Door" Swift got excited by how loud the crowd was singing, and noted how happy it makes her when they know the lyrics to some of her deep cuts. 

Coney Island – Atlanta, Georgia – April 28

In honor of The Nationals' new album, and their song "The Alcott," which Swift is featured on, she decided to play "Coney Island" off evermore as her second surprise song of the night. While the band who is featured on Swift's track wasn't a special guest that night, it was a nice nod to her longtime collaborators. 

High Infidelity – Atlanta, Georgia – April 29

Do you really want to know where Taylor Swift was on April 29? She was in Atlanta Georgia, playing her song that mentions the specific date in the fourth month of the year. "High Infidelity" was maybe the only predictable song of the surprise songs, however, it was still oh so exciting to see Swift sing the Midnights' song on the date it mentions. 

Gorgeous – Atlanta, Georgia – April 29

Up to this point, Taylor Swift hadn't played a song off Reputation during the surprise set. She noted those online who are keeping track of all the tunes played, and said she realized she hadn't given some love to her most "metal" album, as she called it. So, she took to the piano and played a lovely rendition of "Gorgeous." 


♬ original sound - delaney

I Bet You Think About Me – Atlanta, Georgia – April 30

"I Bet You Think About Me" was the first Vault track Swift played as a surprise song. Even though Chris Stapleton wasn't there to accompany her, she played her heart out on the guitar, and fans loved hearing the new Red track for the first time live. 

How You Get The Girl – Atlanta, Georgia – April 30

Ending her surprise songs for Atlanta, Swift played a deep cut off 1989. She took to the piano and played a stripped-down version of "How You Get The Girl," and you could tell she was so excited about the crowd screaming the lyrics with her. 

Taylor Swift on the Eras Tour in Tampa, FL

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Sparks Fly – Nashville, Tennessee – May 5

Oh, Swifties, we were in for an "Enchanted" night in Nashville! Ever since Taylor Swift dropped the "Bejeweled" video, fans quickly picked up on all the Speak Now-related Easter eggs, starting the speculation that the singer's third album would be her next re-release. Well, the news officially broke at night one in Swift's hometown, as she announced the album would be coming out on July 7. Then she topped it off with a performance of "Sparks Fly." 

To celebrate the news, jessica.taylor13 posted the announcement and the beginning of "Sparks Fly" on TikTok, and let's just say we were all ready to "Drop Everything Now." 


♬ original sound - Jessica

Teardrops on My Guitar – Nashville, Tennessee – May 5

To top off this extra exciting surprise set, Swift decided to play one of the big hits off her debut album by choosing "Teardrops on My Guitar" as her piano tune. She noted that her career began in Nashville, and she'd write songs between going to school and doing her homework. So, in honor of this special city, she played the beloved song on the piano.

Out Of The Woods – Nashville, Tennessee – May 6

Taylor Swift threw it back to 1989 on Night 2 as she sang "Out of the Wood" on guitar. She noted the repetitive nature of the song's chorus, and that's when fans really realized the song they were getting. 

Fifteen – Nashville, Tennessee – May 6

The second song of Night 2 was a tearjerker, as Taylor Swift honored her bestie Abigail by singing a classic from Fearless. It's assumed that she chose to sing this song in Nashville because her red-headed friend was in the crowd, as you can see in this cute TikTok:


♬ original sound - DEE

Would've, Could've, Should've – Nashville, Tennessee – May 7

It rained and poured, and there was a massive weather delay, but Taylor Swift put on an extra epic show for Night 3 in Nashville because of it. This included the surprise songs, as the singer brought Aaron Dessner out, again, to sing "Would've, Could've, Should've," because the crowd had "earned it." 

Mine – Nashville, Tennessee – May 7

Capping off quite the weekend in Nashville, Taylor Swift played one last song off Speak Now. In the pouring rain, the singer and the Swifties celebrated Speak Now (Taylor's Version) again as she played "Mine" on the piano. 

Taylor Swift on her Eras Tour in Las Vegas, NV

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Gold Rush – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania – May 12

There's been a debate about the song "gold rush," off evermore for a while now, especially for those who care about the Philadelphia Eagles. Taylor Swift put the discourse to rest by confirming she was talking about the NFL team, and the crowd went wild as she strummed the first chord to "gold rush." 

Come Back...Be Here – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania – May 12

Per the request of her opener and super famous musician Phoebe Bridgers, Taylor Swift played a track off Red (Taylor's Version).  She sat down on the piano, noting that she takes requests, and then proceeded to play "Come Back...Be Here." 

Forever & Always – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania – May 13

"Once upon a time, I believe it was a [Saturday]" when Taylor Swift played "Forever & Always" as one of her surprise songs. Per Lena Dunham's request, the singer played the Fearless tune on the guitar, marking the first of three songs she'd play off her first re-recorded album in Philly. 

This Love – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania – May 13

To go with "Forever & Always," Swift decided to play "This Love" from 1989 on piano. Swifties loved the emotional rendition of the song, and it was such an interesting pair with the song off Fearless

Hey Stephen – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania – May 14

Kicking off the night three surprise songs, Swift played a tune off Fearless that she said quite a few people had requested. So, she started to hum along, and then the stadium started to scream along to the catchy song "Hey Stephen." 

The Best Day – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania – May 14

Ending off the surprise songs, though it wasn't much of a surprise, was "The Best Day." Since it was Mother's Day, and the Fearless track was written for her mom Andrea Swift, many knew the pop star would play this song. And she did it beautifully. Taylor Swift noted she'd have to try and get through it without crying, and went on to play an emotional and adorable tribute to her mother. 


♬ original sound - Elie Fares

Taylor at the Eras Tour in Philadelphia.

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Should've Said No – Foxborough, Massachusetts – May 19

Kicking off the Massachusetts shows at Gillette Stadium (which is a very special place for Taylor Swift) she played "Should've Said No" off her debut album. She introduced the song by noting that when she performed it on her first tour she'd thrash her head around, and really jam out to it, and that's exactly what she did on this night too. 

Better Man – Foxborough, Massachusetts – May 19

The second song of the night, while on Red (Taylor's Version) as a vault track, is actually a tune that she wrote and Little Big Town sang at first. She explained that "Better Man" "narrowly, narrowly didn't make the cut," on Red (the first time) so she sent it to the country group. She noted how important it was for her to be recognized as a songwriter, and she gushed over her love for Little Big Town before performing a beautiful version of the hit country song. 

Question...? – Foxborough, Massachusetts – May 20

It rained and poured through the entire 3.5-hour show on Night 2, but that didn't stop Taylor Swift. To kick off her secret songs, she started with "Question...?" off of Midnights, noting that she's "never been this happy" in "all aspects" of her life. She also paused mid-song to note the rain, saying if she messes up she gets to play a song again, so I think we'll be hearing this one again. 

Invisible – Foxborough, Massachusetts – May 20

The second song during this massive rain show came off her debut. After literally wiping the water off her piano, Swift played "Invisible," in the pouring rain, and it was beautiful. 

I Think He Knows – Foxborough, Massachusetts – May 21

We finally got another song from Lover! To start out the night, Swift noted that she'd never played "I Think He Knows" live before, and the fans absolutely loved it. 

Red – Foxborough, Massachusetts – May 21

While Swift almost always plays her second secret song on the piano, on this night, the piano was acting haunted, no pun intended. Taylor Swift tried to play the title song off Red (Taylor's Version) on piano, however, the keys kept playing themselves, making the singer and the crowd laugh. So, to fix the problem, she grabbed her guitar again, and she played "Red" for the crowd. 


♬ original sound - user

Taylor Swift on Opening Night of the Eras Tour

(Image credit: Kevin Winter / Staff)

Getaway Car – East Rutherford, New Jersey – May 26

For all of us Reputation girlies who weren't at Met Life night one, it was a big L. But, for everyone in the stadium right outside New York City, they were in for a real treat as Taylor Swift played "Getaway Car" on guitar. And she didn't just play the fan-favorite track, she brought out her longtime collaborator and Bleachers' lead singer Jack Antonoff to sing the song with her. Let's just say it was epic. 


♬ original sound - bejeweledbetty

Maroon – East Rutherford, New Jersey – May 26

As if the secret songs could get any better, Taylor Swift played "Maroon" off Midnights next. She noted that she'd never played the song live before, and that since it took place in New York, she figured this was the perfect place to debut the song live. 

It seems like Swift prepares one newer song, and another old-ish one for each performance. Some nights she’ll do a tune from folklore and compliment it with a song from her debut Taylor Swift. On other days she’ll take a song from evermore and pair it with a number from Fearless (Taylor’s Version)

As The Eras Tour travels around the country, and Taylor Swift continues to release more projectsSpeak Now (Taylor’s Version) I’m looking at you, I saw the not-so-hidden Easter eggs in the “Bejeweled” video – we’ll be sure to keep you updated on all the surprise songs the singer plays during her epic set. 

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