Flip Or Flop's Christina Haack And Ex Tarek's New Wife Heather Rae El Moussa Came Together As A Team After Son's Hospitalization

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Flip or Flop might have come to an end after ten seasons on HGTV over its lead designer wanting to level up, but that doesn't mean Christina Haack and Tarek El Moussa can't still serve as a dynamic duo for their kids. The two split up years ago and are now remarried now to other people – Haack to Josh Hall in a secret ceremony last month and El Moussa to Selling Sunset’s Heather Rae Young (now Mrs. El Moussa) last October. And while things haven't always been the smoothest amongst the group, everyone rallied together as a team following the ex-couple’s son being hospitalized for an emergency surgery.

6-year-old Brayden El Moussa was admitted to the E.R. over this past Mother's Day weekend. According to a post on Christina Hall’s Instagram at the time, the youth had to have an emergency appendectomy in order to remove an instance of Meckel’s Diverticulum (a congenital abnormality in the small intestine). She added that all was well and that he was recovering, thankfully, and later took to her Instagram stories to show off her and Tarek El Moussa’s seemingly relaxed co-parenting efforts amidst the “scary” incident. And perhaps surprisingly, she started off by reposting something a kind post shared by Heather Rae Young on her own feed. See below:

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Christina Haack echoed the sentiments of Tarek El Moussa’s new wife in a dual post to her Stories, likewise hinting at the kids being a number one priority, while also noting the importance of good co-parenting relationships in times of trouble, which may or may not have been a dig against her ex-husband Ant Anstead. (Anstead has lately accused the reality TV mom of neglecting their 2-year-old son and even decided to take the matter to court for full custody rights.) Check out Hall’s complete post here:

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As mentioned above, the former Flip or Flop headliners haven't had the easiest history themselves. After divorcing in 2018, Christina Haack and Tarek El Moussa surprisingly continued to produce their show together, though it reportedly caused some serious tension on set. (Some still believe the hosts' strife is the real reason for why the fan favorite HGTV series came to an end.) However, it's all seemingly bygones when it comes to taking care of the youngsters caught in the middle.

Tarek El Moussa’s wife Heather Rae Young has been candid on social media about their fertility journey in their pursuit of a child together, though she's “not ready” to carry to term just yet. Nevertheless, the Selling Sunset star has frequently credited falling in love with El Moussa's children with Christina Haack as a big reason why she now wants her own after many years of not pursuing motherhood.

It's a pretty solid show of solidarity amongst the two families during what was surely a trying time. Speaking from experience here, needing an appendix is easy on no one involved. But with the Ant Anstead custody battle still ongoing, it remains to be seen whether more public solidarity is forthcoming from the blended family.

But in the meantime, fans can hear what Heather Rae Young had to say directly about joining the El Moussas on the latest season of Selling Sunset on Netflix’s 2022 TV schedule!

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