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John Stamos Dressed Up As Uncle Jesse To Surprise A Full House Fan (And TikToker's Mom), Then Responded To The Viral Video

John Stamos is Uncle Jesse on Fuller House.
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Some people say “Never meet your heroes,” but thank goodness singer/songwriter Jax doesn’t live by those rules. Her mom is apparently a John Stamos superfan, and the musician arranged the surprise of a lifetime for her mother, when the Full House couch-stealer crashed a duet they were singing for TikTok. After the video went viral, Stamos even responded with some kind words for the American Idol alum.

The video started with Jax — who posts short, often humorous musical clips on TikTok — and her mother pleading for John Stamos to take notice of them, before breaking into an adapted version of “Jessie’s Girl.” They changed the lyrics to reflect that despite being married for nearly three decades, Mom’s heart belonged to the actor. It was at that point that Stamos himself walked into the room in full Uncle Jesse garb, with leather jacket, guitar, and that hair. Mom’s reaction was absolutely priceless. Check out the awesome viral moment below:

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That was ridiculously cool, and I’m not just talking about Uncle Jesse’s shades. For me the best part was the end, when John Stamos told Jax’s mom, “You’re beautiful. You married?” And she responded, “No!” Apparently she wasn’t joking when she said she’d leave her husband for the actor “in a minute.” 

The video went viral, amassing — as of this writing — over 5 million views, and even though the TikTok famous singer obviously had already gotten John Stamos to notice her, he went on to share the video on his Instagram, while praising Jax for another song she’d sung that had grabbed his attention. After the tragic death of Stamos’ Full House brother-in-law Bob Saget, the TikToker sang a somber version of the classic family sitcom’s theme song, changing the lyrics to reflect Danny Tanner being “everyone’s dad.” Stamos thanked the singer for the beautiful tribute to his friend:

I am so grateful to this talented young lady @jax for singing that beautiful version of the Full House theme and for writing such touching lyrics about our BOB. This was so much fun and her mother is adorable. Thank you ladies!

Ooh, he’s still talking about you, Mom! It seems like John Stamos was happy to oblige the singer in surprising her mom after Jax paid her respects in such a gorgeous way to Bob Saget, who died January 9 from a head trauma. Check out that video below:

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Jax has a penchant for getting celebrities to collaborate with her for TikTok videos. The singer, who came in third place on Season 14 of American Idol, previously got Too Hot to Handle star Harry Jowsey to recite a valentine for her mom, and joined with Friends star Maggie Wheeler to proclaim that Chandler and Janice were the best couple on the show.

John Stamos, for his part, has been speaking about the Full House dad a lot in the past couple of months, calling his former co-star his “biggest cheerleader,” and getting his son hooked on old Full House episodes. The Grandfathered star will also likely be featured in the tribute to Bob Saget that is apparently coming soon to Netflix, in which Chris Rock, Jim Carrey and many more gathered after the comedian’s funeral to celebrate the legend with comedy and music. Stay tuned for more on that, and be sure to check out our 2022 TV Schedule to see what premieres are coming soon.

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