JoJo Siwa Calls Out Justin Bieber For Rude Comments Weeks After Candace Cameron Bure Brouhaha

There are lots of reasons people partake in TikTok trends: they’re fun, the results can be hilarious, it cures the boredom, etc. JoJo Siwa, on the other hand, has proven that she’s not above using the platform to air her grievances. Weeks after she lit the Internet on fire with a post that said Candace Cameron Bure was the rudest celebrity she’d ever met, the Dance Moms alum is at it again. This time around she took aim at Justin Bieber for the rude comments he made about her first car back in 2018.

JoJo Siwa jumped on the TikTok trend featuring audio from The Vampire Diaries that says, “Burn it. Did I say stand there and look stupid? No, I said burn it.” Her post called back to Christmas four years ago, showing the Dancing With the Stars runner-up’s Christmas present — a new car designed with Siwa’s face and lots of splashy colors, hearts, stars and more. Highlighted in the comments is a response from none other than The Biebs himself, with some pretty appropriate words. Take a look at the video:


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OK, TikTok teed JoJo Siwa up for this petty callback, and it was perfect. As the dancer showed in her post, Justin Bieber’s response to seeing that eyebrow-raising design was, “Burn it.” It’s like she’s been keeping this one in her back pocket, just waiting for the right time to pull it back out. God bless TikTok.

Unlike her social media slam of Candace Cameron Bure, however, this time it seems to be all in good fun, as Justin Bieber was quick to apologize for his rudeness back in the day:

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This beef was started around Christmas and wrapped up before the ball dropped on New Year's Eve. In what was maybe the shortest-lived celebrity feud ever, JoJo Siwa accepted the “Sorry” singer’s apology, on one condition, of course:

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Ah, the wholesome days of 2018. 

JoJo Siwa’s brouhaha with the Full House alum seemed much messier. After her video with the "rude" accusations went viral, celebrities flocked to support Candace Cameron Bure. Then Natasha Bure clapped back in defense of her mother, saying Siwa had “zero backbone” and needed to “grow up.” Jessalynn Siwa recounted her own version of the events, telling the GAC Family star that it’s “super easy to quote a Bible verse when everyone is looking at you but morals are what you have when no one is looking.” 

A phone conversation was exchanged between the two, and Candace Cameron Bure said everything was fine between them, although details of what exactly went down at the Fuller House premiere were combed through for days.

That storm seems to have passed, though, as all has been quiet with that most unexpected celebrity beef, allowing JoJo Siwa to move on to other celebrities who have done her wrong in the past — even if this latest one was resurrected for the sake of humor. Who will be next, JoJo?

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