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Walker's Cordell Is In Surprising Danger When The CW Series Returns After A Break

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Warning! The following contains spoilers for the Walker episode “Sucker Punch.” Read at your own risk!

Walker gave Cordell a moment of reprieve when Serano died after a heated chase, but it seems his problems are only just getting started. The issues with the crime kingpin are seemingly on the wayside, but the stewing tension between the Walker family and Davidsons might’ve reached its peak. Now Cordell needs to watch his back from someone he might not expect: his childhood neighbor and the town D.A., Denise. The stage is set for Walker to be in a surprising amount of danger, though fans (and Jared Padalecki's sons) won't get to see any of it for a while. 

The CW is preparing to bring Walker back with new episodes starting on Thursday, March 3. The hiatus is presumably due to the upcoming Winter Olympics, which have knocked a number of television's biggest shows out of the schedule until late February. But once the break is over, Cordell is in for a “shocking” confrontation with Denise. A trailer for the upcoming episode showed Denise stunning Cordell (who recently enjoyed a short-lived promotion) from behind with a taser and pushing him into the trunk of a car for some “questioning.” 

The questioning, of course, is likely tied to the footage Denise saw towards the end of Walker's latest episode. Denise saw the surveillance footage from inside the Walker family house and happened to see Cordell’s confession that a lantern he brought to the Davidson family barn might’ve caused the fire that ultimately killed her father, Marv. 

The odd thing about Denise’s actions, beyond the fact she’s the D.A. and can obviously get in a lot of trouble should Walker decide to arrest her (although his unconventional tactics may allow him to give her a pass), is that her motivation is strange. We don’t know how much Denise knew about the fire that ultimately killed her father, but her husband Dan’s statements in the Season 2 premiere at least suggested she knew of Cordell’s involvement. What exactly was it about the video that inspired her to do what she does in the trailer?

We can only speculate about where things head from there, though I personally think cooler heads will prevail between Denise and Cordell. I think the video made it clear enough that the Walker ranger felt tremendous guilt about what happened with Denise’s father and wishes he could change things. Still, attacking a ranger, especially one still dealing with the loss of his partner, isn’t going to go over well with anyone on the force should they find out. Is there more to the story here we don’t know yet, or is there something more happening with Cordell and Liam’s search of the boundary between the family houses? 

Unfortunately, Walker fans will have to wait for the series’ return to The CW Thursday, March 3, to find out. Tune into other returning tv shows in the meantime, or check out this hilarious photo of Jared Padalecki dressed as a character from My Little Pony if you need more of the actor right now. 

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