Jennifer Aniston Is Saying Goodbye To 2021 With Montage Of BTS Moments From Friends Reunion, Morning Show And More

Jennifer Aniston smiles at David Schwimmer during Friends: The Reunion.
(Image credit: HBO Max)

It’s time to say goodbye to 2021, but for as much as there is to put behind us from the past year, we can’t ignore the wonderful gifts 2021 brought to us. I’m specifically talking about HBO Max's Friends: The Reunion — a TV special seventeen years in the making that featured all six of our favorite NBC sitcom stars. Jennifer Aniston appears to be thankful for those memories too, as she shared a video montage of friends, Friends and other wonderful behind-the-scene memories from 2021.

It was a good year professionally for Jennifer Aniston. Along with the debut of the emotional reunion with her costars for Friends: The Reunion on HBO Max, the second season of The Morning Show released. Aniston executive produces and stars in the Apple TV+ series with Reese Witherspoon. She also appeared on Live in Front of a Studio Audience as Blair Warner on “The Facts of Life.”  

This year saw Jennifer Aniston being bombarded with rumors that she was dating former Friends costar David Schwimmer. The rumors weren’t true, despite Schwimmer and Aniston admitting they had more than friendly feelings back when they were playing “lobsters” Ross and Rachel. And, because 2021 wouldn’t be complete without a little weirdness, Aniston had a doppelgänger. Let’s take a look at how Jennifer Aniston is ushering in 2022, courtesy of the actress on Instagram:

Like a true ‘90s queen, Jennifer Aniston set her slideshow to the tune of R.E.M.’s “It’s the End of the World As We Know It,” and from the looks of it, she does feel fine. Aniston’s year featured a lot more than just the reunion of the Central Perk crew, as the montage showed behind-the-scenes footage of the actress with The Morning Star co-stars Reese Witherspoon and Will Arnett, lots of hugs with BFF Courteney Cox, a throwback photo of Aniston with her father, actor John Aniston, and all the dogs you could hope for. There was also coffee, hand sanitizer (of course), Jenga, and did I already say lots of cute, cute puppies?

So what’s in store for the actress in 2022? The coming year should be another good one professionally for Jennifer Aniston, as she’s been working on Murder Mystery 2 with frequent collaborator Adam Sandler. Fans of The Morning Show are awaiting official word from Apple TV+ about Season 3, but Reese Witherspoon seemed pretty confident about the show’s future and said she’d already been in touch with Aniston about it. 

Out with the old, in with the new. Or, as Jennifer Aniston said, onto the next. Keep an eye on our 2022 TV Schedule as well as our 2022 New Movie Release Dates to see when to expect her newest projects. 

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