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What Stan Lee Thinks Will Happen To The Marvel Industry When He Dies

Unfortunately, Marvel fans out there have to sooner rather than later come to the realization that Stan Lee, the man, the comic book legend, is getting old. And at some point, we are going to have to say our final goodbyes. So what does Mr. Lee think about that? Well, he’s not too worried about it.

 Why Rose McGowan Hates Some Of The Directors She's Worked With

Rose McGowan has become quite vocal of her problems with the Hollywood industry as of late, particularly when it comes to some of the sexism she’s seen and experienced. Now, McGowan is going one step further and ridiculing some of the directors she has previously worked with.

Australia Doesn't Want Chris Brown In Their Country, Denies Visa

R&B/Hip-hop artist Chris Brown has drawn the attention of the media for all the wrong reasons during most of his career. And now, as the artist puts in his visa application to tour in Australia, the country is not complying, denying the U.S. singer on character grounds.

Wait, Is Sean Astin Returning For Goonies 2?

Rumors of a Goonies sequel have been circulating for decades. Sean Astin himself admitted a few months back that while plans to develop were still afoot, it could just be impossible to pull it all off. That was until last night when the actor tweeted, but then quickly deleted, this clear cut message:

How Eazy-E Really Contracted Aids, According To Former Ruthless Records Rapper

Since the death of Eazy-E back in 1995, there have been multiple conspiracies surrounding what really caused it. The rapper was diagnosed with AIDS and through complications of the virus, reportedly died. But in the music industry, many believe there's far more to the story than natural causes. Particularly, Latin rapper Frost, who was signed to Eazy-E's Ruthless Records back in 1995 has quite the allegations.

What Tom Hardy Would Look Like As Wolverine

After Hugh Jackman suggested Tom Hardy replace him as Wolverine, the internet answered, mostly in agreement, and one fan even went so far as to create an epic image of what this new casting could entail.

Former Miss USA Ali Landry's Family Found Dead After Kidnapping

Former Miss USA and actress Ali Landry has unfortunately lost family after a horrific two weeks. The actress’ husband, Mexican film director Alejandro Gomez Monteverde has lost his father and brother after the two were kidnapped roughly two weeks ago from their home, and now have been discovered dead sustaining traumatic brain injuries.

Furious 7 May Be Out Of Theaters, But It's Still Shattering Records

After its April 15 release, Furious 7 killed it at the box office. Weekend after weekend the numbers only grew to new extremes, breaking records and taking names. Now, reports are showing even higher numbers coming in for the franchise, even after the film has left theaters.

Ghost Adventures Couple Found Dead In Murder-Suicide

The paranormal Travel Channel series Ghost Adventures is no stranger to highlighting an assortment of strange folk. It is a show about hunting ghosts after all. But, while the series follows investigations of strange, and haunted happenings, there’s one current investigation afoot involving a couple that was featured on the show, that may just be the scariest of them all.

Wait, Is Scarlet Witch Going To Be In Avengers: Infinity War?

As the Marvel Cinematic Universe rolls into Phase 3 of its franchise, we have been introduced to a whole slew of new and exciting characters to follow on the New Avengers’ journey. Among them, Elizabeth Olsen’s Scarlet Witch a.k.a. Wanda Maximoff--but what does her future hold?

 Watch Bill Murray Tell A Joke For The Pope

We can’t get enough of Bill Murray these days. It seems like the beloved actor has only become an even more lovable pop culture figure in the past few years, and I’m sure not complaining about it.

So, David Cameron's Alleged Pig Situation Happened On A Black Mirror Episode

Allegations have surfaced that David Cameron, British Prime Minister took part in a disturbing ritual including a sexual act with a pig back in his university days. Whether or not these allegations are true, they sound almost identical to the pilot episode of popular British Channel 4 TV series, Black Mirror.

The Outrageous Role John Stamos Almost Played After Full House

Despite the number of guest starring and even lead roles in numerous television series, John Stamos will always be seen as the bad boy/sweetheart Uncle Jesse from the hit family sitcom Full House. Ironically though, following his 8 years on the fun-loving comedy, he was up for a role that went far outside the PG realm he reveled in.

Black Book Of Infamous Hollywood Madam Heidi Fleiss May Be Selling On eBay

Without naming any names (other than Charlie Sheen who acknowledged being a customer) Heidi Fleiss was clear that her business only attracted A-List clientele. And the proof of it lies in little red Gucci planner which is about to go on sale on eBay.

SNL Has Chosen Who Will Play Donald Trump In Season 41

With the 41st season of NBC’s popular late-night sketch comedy less than a month away, SNL is starting to prep for an event that comes every four years, an event that keeps the series relevant and has inspired some of its best comedy skits. That event: the United States Presidential Election.

Blindspot Review: An Action-Packed Mystery That Moves A Bit Too Quickly

NBC’s mysterious new drama Blindspot may not be as mysterious as one had hoped. With an interesting premise, and plenty of action-packed fun, the FBI drama seems to be the perfect idea for a feature length film, but when put into TV timing, it just feels a bit off.

The 10 Greatest Female Action Characters Of All-Time, Ranked

Female action characters tend to be a bit more rare. But, there are always the one’s that stick out--female action characters that to this day we still are talking about, the iconic ones that newer action stars are inspired by.

Ghostbusters Reboot Adds Two More Original Cast Members

As Paul Feig wraps up the last days of shooting his Ghostbusters reboot, more news on the surprise guest roles have come to light, including a couple more original members of the Ghostbusters team.

Stephen Amell Apologizes For Controversial Social Media Comments After Fan's Emotional Video

After Stephen Amell made a controversial comment about the recent arrest of 14-year-old Ahmed Mohamed, one fan spoke out. Now Amell has come around and responded to his fan's emotional video.

Zoey 101 Returns 10 Years Later To Answer Its Biggest Mystery

Zoey 101 had a dedicated fan base, so much so that Teen Nick fulfilled a 10-year promise by bringing back a number of the original actors to reprise their roles in a special video. Check it out.

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