Hannah Saulic

Hannah Saulic

Head of Video

The Background: Hannah Saulic is the Head of Video at CinemaBlend. Starting as a video production intern in 2016, Hannah helped build CinemaBlend’s video efforts from the ground up and has previously held titles including video producer and Video Team Lead. In addition to continuing to produce, edit, direct and host CinemaBlend videos, she now spearheads editorial video strategy, manages production workflows and designs graphics for CinemaBlend’s Instagram. During college, she worked as a news reporter and producer for KOMU-TV before deciding to make a career shift closer to her one true love: the movies. Hannah graduated with honors and received a Bachelor of Journalism (Emphasis in Radio - Television) with minors in Film Studies and Business from the University of Missouri, Columbia.

What She's Into: Hannah has always been a fangirl, growing up with loves for “Sailor Moon,” “Scooby-Doo” and “Harry Potter.” She’s more recently become engrossed with anything DC/Marvel, and for your own sake, do not get her started on “Game of Thrones.” If you ask Hannah to reveal her favorite movie, she’ll probably roll her eyes at you, then go on a rant about how that question is absolutely looney tunes, and people who expect you to narrow down your favorite movie or tv show — especially in situations where that is a defining piece of information, like an author bio — are monsters who enjoy giving her overwhelming anxiety. She’ll then eventually tell you her favorite movie is “500 Days of Summer.” Hannah has always been passionate about filmmaking, and when she’s not producing content for CinemaBlend, she’s dabbling in a few ideas for shorts or befriending other people's dogs.

What She's Excited For Right Now: Anything Greta Gerwig or Florence Pugh breathe near.

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