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It wasn't too long ago that Epic Games announced that Fortnite would be receiving the Season 5 content. In fact, the company made it known that three days from when the fifth season was announced it would be going live. That's just how close to the chest Epic was playing it with the latest seasonal content for the Battle Royale third-person shooter. All that being said, before new content can be rolled out the developers have to take the servers down to perform maintenance and ensure that the new content is installed properly, so Epic revealed the date and time when the servers would go down for Fortnite to include the Season 5 content. And, that time is coming up tomorrow.

The game will go down for maintenance on July 12th, 2018 at 4:00 a.m. Eastern Standard Time or 0800 GMT, according to the official Fortnite Twitter account. The patch notes will be released during the maintenance downtime as the servers are brought up to snuff to handle the new Season 5 roll out.

Another post over on the official Fortnite sub-reddit further details that all previously saved replays will be unplayable in the new build. Whatever new systems are being implemented that affect the replay system will render the old replays you have saved unusable.

It's also stated that the new content in the patch will make it much larger than the usual seasonal patches made available in the past. For those not in the loop, Season 4 of Fortnite focused on super heroes and even had a guest starring role from Thanos of Avengers: Infinity War.

We don't know much at all about Season 5 other than that it ties into the recent event that took place involving a missile that exploded, creating lightning storms and a reality-altering fissure in the sky. The event is being headlined in the fifth season by some sort of mysterious masked individual(s), as teased by the Twitter account for the game.

Given that the Reddit post indicates that the new patch will be much larger than the older patches and that gamers need to keep the auto-update on the ready, it's likely that the new content will feature a lot of new assets and geometry.

Typically, the size of a patch will be determined by what's within the patch. So, geometry alone usually isn't that big, but the textures for said geometry can make it a lot bigger than expected, especially if there are all new assets not currently present in the game. Usually this infers that a new area or brand new locations are inbound.

It's still a big mystery as to what gamers can expect from the new season, and Epic Games isn't giving anything away just yet, forcing gamers to actually have to explore the new content when it becomes available after the patch goes live on July 12th.

Fortnite has become the most popular Battle Royale game on the market at the moment, surpassing PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds thanks to its free-to-play model, so we'll see if Season 5 content will help grow its market base even more.