GamesCom 2013 has come and gone, providing us with some memorable moments, new game announcements, an official launch date for the PlayStation 4, an official set of launch titles for the Xbox One, and a bit of a delay for the highly anticipated open-world, zombie-survival game, DayZ. Amidst all the good and the bad are also plenty of new trailers and tons of news for favorite and upcoming games tossed in between. These stories and more in this August 24th, 2013 edition of the Gaming Blend Weekly Recap.

76% of German Gamers Play on PCs, 43% Play On Consoles Obviously, Germans prefer being a part of the PC Master Race.

Dragonfly Escape From Deneb IV Concept Trailer Basks in All Things Tech Noir It's a strange game with a unique sense of tech-noir, but the art-style is definitely worth checking out.

Razer Tartarus Combines The Best of Analog and Keyboard Controls A very affordable and cost effective controller releases in North America and Europe.

Payday 2 Impressions: AI That Gets It Right They're hard... very hard... and sometimes smart.

Killzone Mercenary Opens To PS Plus Hop into the beta right now.

Batman Arkham Origins Firefly Reveal Incoming The fire-totting bad guy will be revealed for Arkham Origins soon.

WWE 2K14 Roster Announced In Wrestlemania Mode Find out who will be in the latest 2K14 release of WWE's annual sports title.

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