We finally roll out our top five lists for the best games of 2012 across the entire gameplay platform spectrum. You can check out each our lists throughout the recap below. Amidst the celebration of end of the year stories and recaps, Hammerpoint Interactive gets hammered hard over claims of scams for WarZ and it all unfolds in an unsavory way. Also, the community fights back against SimCity and the always-on DRM. The community ends up being diversely divided on the issue of single-player games coming loaded with always-on security restrictions. These stories and more in this December 29th, 2012 edition of the Gaming Blend Weekly Recap.

BioShock Infinite Reverse Box Art Revealed Gamers voted for it and now it's gone live for the whole world to see.

Eidos Hiring For Next-Gen Thief, Unannounced Game The company is ramping up personnel for the next Thief game and an unannounced next gen title.

Star Wars: Trench Run Screenshots Tech Trailer Released A gamer uses the CryEngine to re-design the trench run from Episode IV in an impressive mod for Crysis: Warhead.

EA, Maxis Defend Always-On DRM For SimCity Things heat up over the inclusion of keeping the game focused entirely with online play.

Heroes Realm Offers Card Battle RPG Action OG Planet unleashes a new game on Christmas Eve.

The Cat Lady Brings Adult Storytelling To Steam Greenlight The mature-themed story of psychosis and revenge makes its way to Steam's Greenlight.

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