Big Brother 24’s Indy Santos On Her Tough Realization About The Other Houseguests, And If She’d Do Big Brother Brazil

Indy Santos is the first member of Big Brother’s jury house, and while making it that far is  an accomplishment, she’s still thinking about the events of the past few days ahead of her eviction (like Kyle refusing to use the veto). The eviction led her to have some tough realizations about other Houseguests, but has that halted her dream of appearing on Big Brother Brazil

As part of the jury process, Indy isn’t allowed to have direct contact with the outside world. As such, CinemaBlend sent in screened questions to Indy asking about her most challenging moment in the house outside of her eviction, and now have a good sense of how she’s feeling after her eviction. She explained that she's struggling a bit with some of the actions of other Houseguests, saying:

I believe the most challenging moment was finding out how much people lied, and how much people manipulate each other for money. They have, literally, a price tag, and that’s something that I don’t have, and I’m proud that I don’t have. I don’t judge. You can do whatever you want. But it’s really tough for me to see that people put themselves in this position that no matter what happened they want the money, you know? And they don’t care about how you feel, or who you are, or your stories, or your family. It’s pretty crazy and tough for me.

It’s not surprising that Indy feels deceived, especially after learning from Michael Bruner in her goodbye videos about The Leftovers alliance. We also know from tracking the live feeds with our Paramount+ subscription that Indy became upset when trying to campaign to Jasmine, assuming she wouldn’t have to make a case to stay in the game to people she was supposedly aligned with. 

Given her thoughts on her former fellow Houseguests, it would be understandable if this experience soured her dream of participating in Big Brother Brazil one day. Indy shocked me with her response, and even hinted that she might be better accepted and understood by that fandom than she may be here:

Oh, I could go right now. If Big Brother Brazil was on right now and they were like, ‘Pack your luggage, you’re going and you’re going in the house today,’ I’m ready to do it. I really believe their show is different than this experience that I just played. And I really believe that the audience would approach me, they would be able to like really know me and would be proud of who I am. I hope America sees me for who I am, and I hope America is also proud of me. Of my heart, of my honesty, of my loyalty. I know this game is different, but if Big Brother Brazil calls me after October 1st, I’m ready to go guys!

It would certainly be interesting to see Indy compete on Big Brother Brazil, and I do wonder if she’d do any better on that show than she did in Season 24. While Indy might’ve not been driven by money to lie and manipulate others, the reality is that’s exactly how most people win Big Brother. People who play an open, honest, and genuine game often don’t make it too far, and it definitely didn’t feel like Indy was in a good position even before her eviction. Memorable winners like Dr. Will and others understood that it takes more than wanting to win, and some people must be fooled. 

Indy’s thoughts on her Houseguests make me wonder who she’ll vote for when it’s time for the finale. It seems evident she’s feeling hurt about her eviction and could wind up being a bitter juror who votes for the person she felt was the most honest with her (or in the case of the Celebrity Big Brother Season 3 cast, who they liked the most). We can only wait and see. Who knows how other jurors and the coming weeks may reshape her thoughts on everything she’s experienced? 

Big Brother airs on CBS on Sundays and Wednesdays at 8:00 p.m. ET and on Thursdays at 9:00 p.m. ET. Big things may happen this week, so be sure to check out the live feeds every so often to hear how the house split is impacting the game

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