Alexandra Daddario Poses With Kaitlyn Dever And Kiernan Shipka, Now Give Them A Charlie's Angels-Esque Team Up

From left to right: Alexandra Daddario in The White Lotus, Kiernan Shipka in the Chilling Adventures of Sabrina and Kaitlyn Dever in Ticket to Paradise.
(Image credit: HBO, Netflix and Universal)

Alexandra Daddario, Kaitlyn Dever, and Kiernan Shipka are three stunning women who are rising stars in Hollywood. While this is a trio I had never thought of, when I saw they posed for a photo together at an event it immediately made me realize we need a project with these three powerhouses at the front of it. Who knows, maybe another remake of Charlie’s Angels? I think that would be pretty epic. 

The three were all in attendance at a Giambattista Valli event. They were dressed to the nines in gorgeous dresses, and in Dever’s case, a stunning two-piece set. Luckily we all got an inside look at the event, and the actresses meet up via Daddario’s Instagram. Check out the epic photo for yourself here:  

The White Lotus star kept it simple in the caption, just writing that she had “dinner with cool people.” She’s right, cool people indeed. Now I need them to do a project together! I could totally see the trio following in the shows of Cameron Diaz, Drew Barrymore, and Lucy Liu in a new iteration of Charlie’s Angels. Daddario, Shipka, and Dever have all shown off their versatility as actresses through their wide range of projects, and to see them all team up in an epic action movie would be incredible. 

While the actresses have been working consistently since they were very young, all three have recently taken on projects that have made them even more well-known. All three actresses have appeared in revered shows in recent years that have big followings and are critically acclaimed. 

Shipka played Sally Draper on Mad Men when she was really young, and then she went on to lead the cast of Chilling Adventures of Sabrina for 4 Seasons on Netflix as the title character. 

As for Dever and Daddario, they both starred in two shows that were the talk of the TV schedule when they came out. Both shows also made it onto the 2022 Emmy winner list. Daddario was part of the incredible ensemble cast of The White Lotus (which can be watched with an HBO Max subscription). While Dever joined Michael Keaton and Peter Sarsgaard, among others, in the cast of Dopesick (which can be watched with a Hulu subscription.) 

Dever is also in the midst of a massive fall, as she has two movies on the 2022 movie schedule. Earlier in October, she starred as the title character in Rosaline, a silly satire of Romeo and Juliet told from the perspective of Romeo’s ex, on Hulu. She’s also starring alongside Hollywood legends George Clooney and Julia Roberts in their rom-com Ticket to Paradise which hits theaters on October 21. 

With this trio of actresses really breaking big in the last few years on their own, seeing them together was super empowering. They’ve all proven their abilities to be fantastic dramatic and comedic actors, now what we really need is for them to team up to create an epic ensemble, and I think Charlie’s Angels would be a perfect fit for that. 

Riley Utley
Weekend Editor

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