Alexandra Daddario Shares Another Bathtub Pic In Latest Photo Dump

One of my favorite aspects of awards season is the fashion, and the looks celebrities pull together for various shows and parties. Let me tell you, one celeb who kills it in every way is Alexandra Daddario, who not only stuns in her outfits, but also finds fun ways to show her fans the looks. This time, the actress took to Instagram to show off her afterparty look with an elegant photo dump that featured her in a bathtub, again. 

As the actress got ready for the British Vogue and Tiffany & Co. Celebrate Fashion and Film Party she also made sure to creatively document the process of getting ready, and the stunning final look. She then took to Instagram to post the round-up of photos, which featured close-up images of her glam, seemingly candid shots from the party, and of course, a bathtub pic, scroll over to image number four to check it out: 

Looking back at the actress’s last few posts, the black looks with a bold red lip have been her go-to. It’s classy, sexy and super flattering. Something that has also now become a repeated creative choice on her IG is the use of bathtubs in her photoshoots.

As you can see above, Daddario was in the tub fully clothed this time. She’s wearing her gown from the BAFTAs afterparty and holding her heels in one hand. I personally love the look, and the lowkey throwback to the last time she posed in the bath. 

Speaking of last time, in April 2022, Daddario posted a different picture from the bath. However, rather than being at a major award show party, she posed nude from the tub while taking a little break from promoting her work. 

Daddario seems to love traveling the world, and showing us all her travels through cheeky photos. Last fall the actress posed nude for a mirror-reflection photo in Paris. We got a bikini-less picture from her vacation during a topical skinny dip. She’s also given us an inside look at what it’s like to get ready for and decompress from major events, as she did after an event for The Academy. The actress went from her evening gown to a towel after she got back from the Academy Museum Gala. It’s so fun to see behind the glam of all these bright and shiny events, and I’m so happy this actress is always so game to give us that content. 

While the actress has been making moves in the world of TV lately, between her standout role on The White Lotus and her recently renewed show Mayfair Witches on the 2023 TV schedule, she’s also been making waves at different film events. Hopefully, this means she’ll be a presenter at this year’s Academy Awards, so we can get another fab look from Daddario as she hypothetically crowns one of the 2023 Oscar nominees a winner. 

Based on Daddario’s presence at all these prestigious events, and since she has a movie in post-production, it seems entirely possible that we’ll get more looks like her BAFTA afterparty outfit soon. And who knows, maybe she’ll show them off again from the bathtub. 

Riley Utley
Weekend Editor

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