Machine Gun Kelly Had An A+ Response After Megan Fox Said She Was In The Market For A Girlfriend

Machine Gun Kelly and Megan Fox in Midnight in the Switchgrass.
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Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly might be engaged, but that didn’t stop the Jennifer’s Body star from posting on her social media in search of a female partner. Earlier this week, the actress posted a few selfies with a caption saying she was ‘seeking applications for a girlfriend', causing an onslaught of comments. One of the A+ responses was from nonother than her fiancée, Machine Gun Kelly

On Thursday, the Transformers actress posted to Instagram, sporting a sizeable fuzzy violet hat, accompanied with the quote: "Currently seeking a girlfriend. Please submit applications in the DMs."

Among the slew of responses, one of the best comments came from her rapper-turned-rocker partner. MGK doesn’t think Fox will have the “filing capacity” to entertain the number of people excited by the proposition of being her girlfriend. MGK wrote:

I don’t think you have the filing capacity for this request.

In a way, the performer was right. Megan Fox’s post received countless responses from prospective applicants -- both everyday fans and celebrities alike. One of the ladies excited about the opportunity was singer and model Jordan Michelle. She hilariously commented:

Not one of us is straight after she posted that. None of us. Not one.

YouTuber and model Carli Bybel said the spot has already been filled by herself. The influencer said:

ITS ME… HI !!!!!!!

Actress and filmmaker Anna Akana (best known for starring in one of Netflix’s top trending films, Blade of the 47 Ronin) asked the Jonah Hex actress not to give her hope. Akana said: 


Author and influencer Jessica Golich had a comical response to Megan Fox’s post too. The writer joked about being responsible for breaking Instagram’s servers with the amount of DMs she plans to send to the actress. Golich wrote: 

*Breaks IG server for most amount of DM’s of all time*

Morag Crichton, model, and popular OnlyFans creator, said she has already applied, and she made sure to fill out the application's front and back. All 18 pages worth. Crichton said:

Applied. 18 pages front and back.

Not all prospective applicants were celebrities. Some were average fans willing to take it a bit further than their celebrity competition. One fan humorously announced:

Divorcing my husband as I type.

Other commenters kept things more practical. One woman wanted Fox to know she was financially intelligent. The woman wrote: 

Megan! I have great credit!!!! does that help?!

Machine Gun Kelly may have known what he was talking about after all. These were just a taste of the thousands of comments on Fox’s post, which has garnered close to 3 million likes. Based on this response, The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles star will, indeed, need a more extensive filing system to work through these applications. 

Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly have quickly become a favorite Hollywood couple partly due to their unique (sometimes bonkers) love story. They share incredible fashion looks, and they make time to collaborate on movies together. It’s good to see MGK being supportive of his fiancée, even when Fox’s taking applications for a girlfriend.

We will keep you updated on any breaking news regarding Megan Fox’s hunt for a girlfriend. It's clear she has no shortage of choices. Until then, perhaps you can check out 10 cool movies of hers that are available to stream or check out our 2023 new movie release schedule to plan your next trip to the cinema. 

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